My Own Pen Pal kit

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My Own Pen Pal kit
My Own Pen Pal kit

This little box of stationery contains everything you need to establish a postal friendship with a child in a foreign land.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: My Own Pen Pal kits)
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Item number: 5112
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

You fill out the Pen Pal Acquisition form and drop the application in the nearest mailbox. Almost immediately, you get a message from your brand new pen pal, who is apparently a kid named <alliterative name>. Cool!
(Only one correspondent may be active at a time, your Pen Pal subscription is now active and this may be changed in the Options Menu.)


  • May 2011's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Hooks you up with a pen pal from Distant Lands, who will write you every day to tell you fun stories and send you free stuff.
  • Only 1 Correspondence may be active at once, if you have used another correspondence item, you may choose which one you want to receive mail in the Eudora tab in Options menu.

Items Received

Every day, at the start of a new ascension, and on use (even if you already received a magazine today) you will receive a random message from your pen pal with a single item attached. The item received depends on your current ascension restrictions, level and gifts you have received recently.

  • If you are in Bad Moon, you will receive Disease.gif fistful of ashes
  • If you are in Hardcore or Ronin, you will receive an item based on your class and level.
    • If you already have the item appropriate for your level, you will receive the fallback item instead.
Level Muscle classes Mysticality classes Moxie classes
1 – 4 Bigashtray.gif giant clay ashtray Vdghelmet.gif Van der Graaf helmet Rubberbandgun.gif rubber band gun
5 – 9 Pplanyard.gif orange leather lanyard Eleccrutch.gif electric crutch Pinstripepants.gif pin-stripe slacks
10+ Monsterpants.gif monster pants Shockbelt.gif shock belt Stickygloves.gif sticky gloves
Fallback Bandaidbox.gif box of Pokëmann band-aids Soda.gif Okee-Dokee soda Corfluid.gif correction fluid
  • If you are not under any ascension restrictions, you randomly receive one of the following:
Item Frequency
Fishjuice.gif fish juice box  ??
Businesskit.gif Li'l Businessman Kit  ??
Blastball.gif Nuclear Blastball  ??
Paintbomb.gif paint bomb  ??
Stressball.gif stress ball  ??
Ultracolor.gif Ultracolor™ shirt  ??
Willyweed.gif willyweed  ??
Pokelamprey.gif Pokëmann figurine: Bloodkip  ??
Pokeduck.gif Pokëmann figurine: Duck  ??
Pokefrank.gif Pokëmann figurine: Frank  ??
Pokecherry.gif Pokëmann figurine: Galumpagump  ??
Pokehobo.gif Pokëmann figurine: Hoboking  ??
Pokemonster.gif Pokëmann figurine: Kagosan  ??
Pokecarp.gif Pokëmann figurine: Magikrap  ??
Pokemoog.gif Pokëmann figurine: Moog  ??
Pokeinvis.gif Pokëmann figurine: Nothing  ??
Pokepork.gif Pokëmann figurine: Porkachu  ??
Pokeshog.gif Pokëmann figurine: Shoggoth  ??
Pokeleaf.gif Pokëmann figurine: Smugleaf  ??
Poketwitter.gif Pokëmann figurine: Twitter  ??
Pokeveg.gif Pokëmann figurine: Vegemite  ??
Pokevermouth.gif Pokëmann figurine: Vermouth  ??
  • If you are under Standard restrictions, you will retroactively receive any sent items after the restrictions are lifted. Only aftercore items can be received.


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