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You accidentally got a mushroom spore lodged in your mouth, and now there's a mushroom growing up through your face and brain. It's awful!

Muscle -100
Mysticality -100
Moxie -100

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Effect number: 1613
Description ID: 9df2ff0a38fec33a032a9d5026f19d96
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Obtained From


  • At the end of any victorious combat, if you had only 1 turn of the effect remaining, you will get the following message:
The mushroom growing in your head finally bursts free.
Spore.gifYou lose an effect: Mush-Mouth
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
  • You will receive one of the following mushrooms:
  • The mushroom is produced, and the effect is removed, even if the combat does not take an adventure.
  • No mushroom is given if the effect expires after a non-combat adventure, or if it is removed early, or if you run away from combat with one turn of this effect left.
  • Since this effect is classified as "negative", it will be removed by the Hot Tub and possibly other cure-alls.
  • Turns of this effect cannot be decremented through PvP, similar to Everything Looks Yellow.

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