Mr. Alarm, I Presarm

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

Mr. Alarm, I Presarm
Mr. Alarm, I Presarm

Looking around the Cobb's Knob Laboratory, you spot a human at a sink, cleaning beakers.

Talk to him

You step up behind him and tap him on the shoulder, and he turns around. "Oh, another human! Can I help you with something? I'm Mr. Alarm, Mr. Alan Alarm."

"Did you once work for Dr. Awkward?"

He flinches, and his eye starts to twitch. "How did you know that? Did he send you?"

"No no, I'm trying to find a way to penetrate his ineptitude field. He dropped his diary when I tried to fight him before, and it mentioned you, so I thought you might be able to help me." You hand him the diary, and he flips through it with interest.

"Aha! He's made notes of some of his formulas... All right. I'll tell you what -- it's impossible to get a good meal in this place; I don't trust those goblins' sausages one bit. I'll work on a counter-charm, and trade it to you for a bowl of wet stunt nut stew."

"...Wet stunt nut stew?"

"Yes, it's my grandmother's recipe. You cook a bird rib in lion oil, then stew in some stunt nuts. God, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I'll get to work on the charm; I should be finished by the time you get back."

If you haven't unlocked Whitey's Grove yet:

"You should be able to find some of the ingredients for the stew in Whitey's Grove. Here, let me mark it on your map."

New Area Unlocked
Forest2.gifWhitey's Grove, in The Distant Woods.

If you already have wet stunt nut stew:

You hold up the bowl of wet stunt nut stew you just happened to have with you.

"Excellent!" he says. "Mmmmm. Just smell that mouth-watering aroma."

"No thanks. Any luck with that counter-charm?"

He hands you a large crystal on a piece of string. "Here you go. Just wear this around your neck, and it'll nullify Dr. Awkward's ineptitude field. Probably."


"Well, obviously it's untested, but the theory is sound."

You decide to take your chances (not that you've got much choice, if you're going to get the Staff of Fats back). You thank Mr. Alarm for his help, and prepare for the laying-down of some smack.

Megagem.gifYou acquire an item: Mega Gem


  • A one-time adventure, that only occurs after correctly placing the items in Drawn Onward.
  • This is a superlikely adventure affected by combat modifiers. Its base rate is 25%.
  • You do not need to have read "I Love Me, Vol. I".
  • If you present him with the stew the first time you meet him, you will not be able to unlock Whitey's Grove without going through your guild.