Moving Target

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Moving Target
Moving Target

This trophy is earned by multi-using d12s and rolling higher by exactly one than the last person who qualified for the trophy. Thus, if the previous person rolled 117, you will need to roll exactly a 118. A successful roll yields the BULLSEYE message.

Any other value fails. You will fail if you roll over the current target.

Moving Target You're entitled to the "Moving Target" trophy, for excellence in simulated archery.


  • The dice used are consumed upon success only.
  • Since the target is constantly advancing, many who gain this trophy post their target here to help the next person attempting to hit the moving target. Aim for the distance in the most recent post plus 1.
  • To minimize the number of rerolls, choose the number of d12s equal to the current target divided by 6.5. If you're willing to reroll more frequently and want to save meat, then divide by a higher number (e. g. 8). The less you invest, the more times (exponentially!) you can expect to reroll.
    • If you use fewer dice or more dice than that, you can expect to have to roll more times, either way. Throwing more dice than the optimum at the problem is unhelpful.
  • As the target moves further away, it becomes harder to hit; expect to have to reroll many times even with the optimal number of dice before you hit the target:


(Check the description page for the maths.)
Do not complain about missing the target unless your number of rolls is way out of the upper area.
  • Short of many (i. e. hundreds of) people getting the trophy in a row without reporting their target distances, there is no way to "grief" this trophy.
  • There is a d12-rolling script for KoLmafia.


  • The image file name "wal mart is stationary", along with the Trophy's name, indirectly refers to Wal-Mart's big-box retail competitor, Target.