Mouldering barrel

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mouldering barrel
mouldering barrel

Almost all of the wood in this barrel has been consumed by mold. You'll have to break the mold if you want to get into it!

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: mouldering barrels)
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Item number: 8576
Description ID: 473643040
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Obtained From

Shrine to the Barrel god
After combat in hard underground zones

When Used

You smash the barrel!

One of the following:

Barrelberyl.gifYou acquire an item: barrel beryl
Soda2.gifYou acquire an item: creepy ginger ale
Cuteshroom.gifYou acquire an item: cute mushroom
Wbattery.gifYou acquire an item: haunted battery
Scroll2.gifYou acquire an item: scroll of drastic healing
Marrow.gifYou acquire an item: synthetic marrow
Potion4.gifYou acquire an item: the funk
Vibeshroom.gifYou acquire an item: vibrating mushroom


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