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Not to be confused with the Llama Lama familiar equipment, the zen motorcycle.


When on an Avatar of Sneaky Pete challenge path, your totally rad, talking motorcycle will accompany you instead of a familiar. At the beginning of the run, you can name your motorcycle, provided it's 50 letters or less and contains no funny characters.

Upgrading your Motorcycle

Bigbike anim.gif

Initially, the motorcycle comes with its factory parts, which by itself does nothing. But every even level (2, 4, 6, etc.), your motorcycle will start moving, indicating that you can upgrade one of its parts. Clicking on it will take you to Upping Your Grade, which lets you choose which part to upgrade. You can upgrade its tires, gas tank, headlight, cowling, muffler, or the seat. One you install a new part, it cannot be swapped out for the rest of the run.


Racing Slicks: Increases the number of times you can Peel Out per day to 30.

Spiky Tires: Increases damage dealt with Pop Wheelie.

Snow Tires: Allows you to skip almost the entirety of the Mt. McLargeHuge Quest. You will only need to defeat Groar to complete the quest, but you will still require at least +5 Cold Resistance to adventure in The Mist-Shrouded Peak.

Gas Tank

Large Capacity Tank: Unlocks access to Desert Beach.

Extra-Buoyant Tank: Unlocks access to Mysterious Island of Mystery.

Nitro-Burnin' Funny Tank: +50% Combat Initiative


Ultrabright Yellow Bulb: Flash Headlight disintegrates the enemy, dropping all non-conditional items, and giving 100 turns of Everything Looks Yellow.

Party Bulb: Flash Headlight deals X prismatic damage.

Blacklight Bulb: Adds +2% Desert Exploration per combat in the Arid, Extra-Dry Desert, and causes Flash Headlight to deal Sleaze Damage.


Ghost Vacuum: Deals 15-20 physical damage every turn when fighting undead monsters. In addition, each combat in The Cyrpt reduces an additional 1 Evil from the sub-zone you are adventuring in.

  • Messages:
    • <BikeName>'s ghost vacuum sucks X damage worth of ectoplasm out of your foe.
    • <BikeName>'s ghost vacuum sucks up some extra evil!

Rocket Launcher: Deals 15-20 physical damage after your first action in every combat. In addition, each combat in The Battlefield during the war kills 3 additional Frats or Hippies.

  • Messages:
    • <BikeName> fires a rocket at <it>, dealing X damage. Kaboom!
    • Your cool motorcycle rocket launcher blasts 3 extra hippies!

Sweepy Red Light: +5 Stats Per Fight


Extra-Loud Muffler: Each cast of Rev Engine also gives Unmuffled (+15% Combat Frequency) for 10 Adventures.

Extra-Quiet Muffler: Each cast of Rev Engine also gives Muffled (-15% Combat Frequency) for 10 Adventures.

Extra-Smelly Muffler: Using Peel Out also banishes the monster until rollover. One monster may be banished at a time.


Massage Seat: Regenerate 5-6 HP and MP per adventure

Deep-Seat Cushions: Find 20-30 Meat after each combat.

  • Messages:
    After a little pushin', you find some Meat in your cushions.
    You don't find any extra Meat in your seat, but you do find some in the motorcycle's seat.
    You search the nooks and crannies in your seat cushions, and find some extra Meat (probably put there by crooks and nannies).
    You search deep into your motorcycle's seat until she chimes and asks what you think you're doing, but you find some extra Meat.
    You search your cushions for extra Meat, then search the seat's cushions and actually find some.
    You search the voluminous folds of your seat for extra Meat, but you successfully find some when you search the motorcycle's seat.
    You find some extra Meat in the seat cushions!
    You find <object> and some extra Meat in your seat cushions!
    You find <object>, <object>, and some Meat in your seat cushions!
    You find some extra Meat (and <object>) in the motorcycle's seat cushions!

Sissy Bar: -30 to Monster Level