Mother hellseal

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Mother hellseal
Monster ID 780
Locations The Broodling Grounds
Hit Points 150
Attack 150
Defense 130
Initiative 150
Meat None
Phylum demon
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, flipper, tail
torn hellseal sinew, hellseal whisker, hellseal claw, burst hellseal brain, hellseal brain, shredded hellseal hide, hellseal hide, hellseal sinew
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
mother hellseal You're fighting a mother hellseal

Have you ever heard the adage "Never get between a mother bear and her cubs"? There's a similar one referring to Loathingian hellseals, which goes: "Never get between a mother hellseal and her pups, and if you've been killing the pups in question, then I hope you have a stash of spare internal organs somewhere close to hand. And maybe a spare torso to put them in."

Hit Message(s):

She whacks you on the <ear> with a wooden spoon, then tells you to go clean up your room. Argh! Argh! Ow!

She spits on her fin and uses it to rub some dirt off your cheek. Did I mention that seal spit is highly corrosive? Ooh! Oof! Ooh!

She chomps on your <bung> with her razor-sharp teeth, then gives you a stern talking-to. Ooh! Oof! Ow!

She gives you a sound spanking with her fin. Then she sends you to the corner to think about what you've done. Eek! Ow! Ow!

Critical Hit Message:

She smacks you across the face with both fins, then tells you that'll teach you to talk sass to her, and that you need to adjust your attitude or she'll give you something to cry about, mister. Ooh! Eek! Ugh!

Miss Message(s):

She whines about how you never call or write. You point out that she's a seal, and you're a human.

She spits on her fin and tries to wipe your face with it, but you tell her to knock it off.

She gives you a stern talking-to, Howard. It doesn't hurt much.

She tries to give you a spanking with her fin, but you point to psychiatric research counterindicating corporal punishment.

Fumble Message:

She sits down to watch her afternoon stories, leaving you with a few moments of peace. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Smashbrain.gifYou acquire an item: burst hellseal brain
Ratskin.gifYou acquire an item: shredded hellseal hide
Tornsinew.gifYou acquire an item: torn hellseal sinew
Realbrain.gifYou acquire an item: hellseal brain
Skin.gifYou acquire an item: hellseal hide
String.gifYou acquire an item: hellseal sinew
Whisker.gifYou acquire an item: hellseal whisker (30% chance)*
Claw.gifYou acquire an item: hellseal claw (30% chance)*

Occurs at The Broodling Grounds


Encounter rate

  • Mother hellseals have a base 0% encounter chance.
  • The monster's attack, defense and rate of occurrence:
    • increase for each time a hellseal pup has called (up to 10)
    • decrease if the player loses to the mother hellseal
    • decrease if the player runs away from the mother hellseal, even if it doesn't take a turn
    • are reset at rollover
  • The monster's HP are not increased by hellseal pup calls.
  • Ordinary Monster Level bonuses do not increase the monster's attack or defense, but they do increase her HP.
  • Stats cap after 10 hellseal pups have called and mother hellseals become 100% likely; further hellseal pup calls (via a 4-d camera, Spooky Putty sheet or other copying device) have no effect.
  • In order to fight against your first mother hellseal, at least one hellseal pup must emit a wail. A good way to damage the hellseal pup without killing it is to use Clobber or a low-level combat item. If you kill the pup in one shot before it gets a chance to wail, then the mother hellseal will never appear!

Mother hellseal stats

With some simple buffs, any of these kill in 1 hit (eventually).
  • To survive the mother hellseal's fury, you have two choices:
  • While initiative does not increase with pup cries, the extra attack from hellseal cries is treated as bonus ML, giving the monster an additional chance of getting the jump and making it impractical for the player to try to get the jump against stronger mother hellseals. However, if you are keeping the cries to a small number, boosting your Combat Initiative might be a viable strategy.
  • Bonus ML and ML variance do not affect mother hellseal attack or defense. However, they do affect her HP.
  • Monster attack and defense are equal to 150*1.385^(number of cries):
Calls Versus Monster Level
Number of Calls 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Attack/Defense 207 287 398 551 764 1058 1466 2030 2812 3895
Substat Gain 51.75 71.75 99.5 137.75 191 264.5 366.5 507.5 703 973.75

Getting drops

  • Only a single quest item of any given type (or its damaged equivalent) will drop per fight.
  • The damaged drops are zappable into one other. The undamaged drops are as well, each forming their own zap group.
  • Non-damaged items are guaranteed to drop in the following circumstances:
    • You are wielding a club in your mainhand (or a two-handed club). Offhand weapon doesn't matter.
    • All damage comes from weapon attacks, or skills that enhance weapon attacks (including Thrust-Smack, Lunging Thrust-Smack, and Bashing Slam Smash). Damage can also come from auto-criticals (like the one caused by Summer Siesta), but not from auto-hit moves (like Shieldbutt, which introduces a second damage source) or skills (like Myst class spells).
  • Damage caused by familiars (including a club-wielding Disembodied Hand), Saucespheres, items, poison, Passive Damage, etc, will, with high probability, ruin the quest items. Elemental damage (as long as it's part of a normal attack, TS, LTS, or BSS) will not ruin quest items. Wads are ok.
    • Non-damaged items can still drop if multiple sources of damage are used, but the probability is very low.