Monty of County Crisco

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Monty of County Crisco
Monty of County Crisco

Suddenly, a magnificent carriage pulled by four gleaming white horses pulls up next to you, and a distinguished-looking man in a powdered wig leans out the window. "Excuse me, my dear adventurer, but might I have a moment of your time?" he asks. "I'm Lord Montague, from County Crisco -- 'Monty' to my friends."

He shakes your hand, and then presents you with a large bag of lard. "What's this for?" you ask.

"It's all part of a ridiculously complicated and over-elaborate scheme of mine, to gain revenge on some people who had me wrongfully imprisoned some years ago. Although it is arguable that being incarcerated was the best thing that could possibly have happened to me -- since while I was in there I acquired a better education in science, philosophy, and foreign languages than any university student could dream of, as well as learning the location of a buried treasure so large that it might as well be infinite -- I nevertheless have vowed to destroy the people who unjustly locked me away. And although I cannot tell you exactly how, this lard I have gifted you with is a key item in my absolutely ludicrous plan."

"Er, okay," you say. "Glad to be of service."

He shakes your hand again, and then drives off mysteriously into the woods.

Lardbag.gifYou acquire an item: bag of lard

Occurs at Whitey's Grove, semi-rarely.