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All monsters in the Kingdom have a classification equivalent to that of a phylum (a.k.a. category). They are:

Monster types are used for the following things:

Certain items and skills affect certain monster types differently than others:


  • Monster categories were introduced with the Pair of Stomping Boots (August 2011 Item of the Month).
  • In the April 26, 2013, update to Monster Manuel (which added monster types to the combat display), Jick announced that the official term is "category" (not "phylum", which is what the player base had been calling it since 2011).
  • In the years between the Stomping Boots and Manuel, the official names of the monster categories were not known to the players. We had to guess, using the stomped pastes (and later, the Happy Medium's spirits) as the only indicators. In many cases, the category names we guessed were the same as the official names; in a few cases, they were not.

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