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Mom can be found in The Sea Monkees' Castle. She will only appear here after you have rescued her from The Caliginous Abyss.

  • Prior to selecting an item:
"You are hungry... All of my children are... hungry. Let me fix you something."
Maybe some hot chocolate?
Coffeecup.gif Hot Sweat (50 Adventures)
Or a popsicle?
Poplight.gif Cold Sweat (50 Adventures)
Some cheese and crackers?
Jarl cheeseslice.gif Rank Sweat (50 Adventures)
A cookie?
Cookies.gif Black Sweat (50 Adventures)
A nice sandwich?
Sammich.gif Flop Sweat (50 Adventures)
Some candy?
Candycane.gif Mark of Candy Cain (50 Adventures)
A bowl of cereal?
Mix.gif Cereal Killer (50 Adventures)
  • After selecting an item:
"One cup of flour. One cup of flour. One cup of flour. One cup of flour."


  • Upon selecting Maybe some hot chocolate?:

Mom pulls out a ceramic coffee cup and places it on the counter in front of her. She grabs it by the handle and slams it down, shattering it. She picks up one of the shards and slices her forearm, letting the blood drip onto the other fragments.

She looks up at you, and you begin to sweat.

Coffeecup.gifYou acquire an effect: Hot Sweat
(duration: 50 Adventures)
  • Upon selecting A popsicle?:

Mom opens the freezer behind her and pulls out a popsicle. She holds it out to you.

"It's your favorite flavor, honey. Eyes."

You look down at it in horror and break out in a cold sweat as you back away.

Poplight.gifYou acquire an effect: Cold Sweat
(duration: 50 Adventures)
  • Upon selecting Some cheese and crackers?:

Mom pulls out a piece of cheese and a knife, then stares off into the distance as she slices it into smaller and smaller pieces. By the time you give up and walk away, she's just sliding the knife around in a foul-smelling mush. You feel gross.

Jarl cheeseslice.gifYou acquire an effect: Rank Sweat
(duration: 50 Adventures)
  • Upon selecting A cookie?:

Mom opens the oven, but instead of pulling something out, she just sticks her hand into the flames, burning her fingers. She smiles absently as she walks back to you and draws a mark on your cheek with her own charred skin.

You feel... wrong.

Cookies.gifYou acquire an effect: Black Sweat
(duration: 50 Adventures)
  • Upon selecting A nice sandwich?:

Mom pulls out a slice of bacon and flops it onto the counter in front of you.

"It'll be ready in a moment, dear," she says, as she slides it around, drawing a complicated series of interlocking glyphs in trails of grease. You begin to sweat with anxiety.

Sammich.gifYou acquire an effect: Flop Sweat
(duration: 50 Adventures)
  • Upon selecting Some candy?:

Mom pulls out a candy cane, sucks on the end until it's sharp, and suddenly jams it through her other hand, pinning it to the counter.

As the blood spreads out around it, she leans toward you and kisses you on the cheek.

"There there. There there."

Candycane.gifYou acquire an effect: Mark of Candy Cain
(duration: 50 Adventures)
  • Upon selecting A bowl of cereal?:

Mom grabs a box of cereal from a shelf, and a knife from a drawer. She hums a lullaby as she drags the knife down the front of the box, over and over, until all that's left is a pile of cardboard and loose cereal.

The lullaby echoes in your head. You've heard it before. Where?

Mix.gifYou acquire an effect: Cereal Killer
(duration: 50 Adventures)


  • One effect may be selected per day.
  • Effects summary:
Reward Effect
Coffeecup.gif Hot Sweat Stunning Hot Resistance (+7)
Poplight.gif Cold Sweat Stunning Cold Resistance (+7)
Jarl cheeseslice.gif Rank Sweat Stunning Stench Resistance (+7)
Cookies.gif Black Sweat Stunning Spooky Resistance (+7)
Sammich.gif Flop Sweat Stunning Sleaze Resistance (+7)
Candycane.gif Mark of Candy Cain +20% chance of Critical Hit
+20% Chance of Spell Critical Hit
Mix.gif Cereal Killer +200 Stats Per Fight