Mistaken Identity, LOL

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Mistaken Identity, LOL
Mistaken Identity, LOL

You're cheerfully putting the smack down on n00bs and trolls when suddenly a cold shiver runs up your spine and you feel an unearthly presence... right behind you.

You turn around just in time to see a malevolent spectre of death rushing toward you with a menacing shrieeeeeek! Your hair turns white and stands on end as your soul prepares to be torn to shreds... and suddenly, the spectre pulls up short.

"Oh! You're an adventurer," says the Ghost of the English Language.

"B... b... b... y... yuh..." you stammer.

"Terribly sorry, old chap. I mistook you for one of the foul denizens of this realm."

"N... n... nuh..."

"Right, well, sorry to have troubled you. Keep fighting the good fight!" The Ghost swoops away and vanishes into thin air.

"B... b... b..."

Hoppeddown.gifYou acquire an effect: Scared Stiff
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at The Valley Beyond The Orc Chasm (Bad Moon only).