Mining grobold

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Mining grobold
Monster ID 2067
Locations The Old Rubee Mine
Hit Points 100
Attack 140
Defense 140
Initiative 999
Meat None
Phylum construct
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts head, speaker, mecanism
Rubee™, Rubee™
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
mining grobold You're fighting a mining grobold

"Bzzrt gzzrt You no take candle! Die, human!" The voice is tinny and staticky, and you trace it to a weird little animatronic goblin/kobold-looking thing. Apart from the speaker, it seems to be made mostly of chicken-wire and plaster, and a steel pickaxe which is making loud clacking sounds as it ratchets back on a winch. Hmmm.


Oh hey, here's another one of these mechanical mining grellbins or whatever. You know, the ones with the mechanical pickaxe that ratchets back on a giant spring and then slams you in the gut? "bzzzzrt A human!" it says, and starts making a loud squealing noise that shows no signs of stopping.


You find another one of those mining... things. Besides the clacking sound of its pickaxe winding up, it's also making loud hissing and squealing noises -- either the speaker is broken, or there's a mongoose fighting cobras inside it.


You encounter another mining gremblin. It says "bzzrt I'm Millard Fillmore! I became the thirteenth president after Zachary Taylor died of cherries and diarrhea, but I didn't get a full term of my own because my party didn't like me! fzzzrt"


You find another one of those little mechanical mining guys. They're pretty easy to spot, from the static and sparks and the clacking noise they make as they prepare to hit you with a pickaxe.

Miss Message(s):

It ratchets its pickaxe back for another hit.

Special Move(s):

It buries its pickaxe in your <throat>.

After Combat

Megagem.gifYou acquire 2 Rubees™ (100% chance)*

Occurs at The Old Rubee Mine.


  • Deals a large amount of damage to the player on the first turn of combat and again every two turns.