Miniature stuffed Goth Giant

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miniature stuffed Goth Giant
miniature stuffed Goth Giant

This is a miniature rendering of the mopiest, most romantic of giants, the Goth Giant. As such, it's about six feet tall (or 3 kilograms if you're metric). It's the perfect way to tell the one you love that you want to bathe in the rain of their miasmic soul. It's not the best way, however, to tell the one you love that they're a simple prop to occupy your time. Unless you set it on fire, that is.

Type: off-hand item
Selling Price: 10000 Meat.
Gift Item

(In-game plural: miniature stuffed Goth Giants)
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Item number: 1457
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Gift Shop (20,000 Meat, Valentine's Day V-IX)



  • "It's not the best way... to tell the one you love that they're a simple prop to occupy your time" refers to the lyrics from the R.E.M. song "The One I Love".
  • "Unless you set it on fire" may be a reference to the Dead Milkmen song "If You Love Somebody, Set Them on Fire", from their album "Metaphysical Graffiti". It may also refer to the chorus of the aforementioned R.E.M. song, which consists of the single word "Fire."
  • While six feet is a measure of distance in the Imperial system, 3 kilograms is a measure of mass, which is not at all related in this case. Six feet in the metric system would be approximately 1.83 meters (or metres, if you're especially metric). Dave Barry frequently uses this joke (and variations) in his columns focusing on countries who use the metric system.


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