Miniature crystal ball

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miniature crystal ball
miniature crystal ball

This gives you a very narrow window on the future.

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: any
Cannot be traded or discarded

Combat Initiative +50%
Randomly gives you either +50% Item Drops or +5 Stats After Combat

Shows which monster you will encounter next

(In-game plural: miniature crystal balls)
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Item number: 10730
Description ID: 320248255
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Obtained From

packaged miniature crystal ball


  • At the start of a combat, "predicts" a monster you'll be fighting next. If you keep the crystal ball equipped and adventure in the same zone, you'll fight that monster next (even if you are no longer supposed to be able to); if you don't it's chosen as usual.
    • Predictions are chosen based on the monsters available in the current zone at the start of the combat. If you banish a monster, it can still be predicted at the end of the combat, and will be forced if it is.
    <familiar> gazes into the mini crystal ball. "Hey boss -- if you stay here, your next fight will be against a <monster>," they report.
    <familiar> looks into the crystal ball, and predicts that the next monster in this zone is going to be a <monster>.
    <familiar> looks into their crystal ball and tugs on your sleeve. "Look out, there's a <monster> right around the next corner," they tell you.
    "Hey look," <familiar> says, pointing at their crystal ball. "There's a little you fighting a little <monster>. Ooh, you're getting your little ass kicked." "Aw man," you say. "Come on, little me! You can do it!"
    "Hmm," <familiar> says, looking into their crystal ball. "How do you feel about fighting a <monster>? Coz that's gonna happen soon, unless you go somewhere else."
    "The crystal ball is predicting that the next monster in this area will be a <monster>," <familiar> says. "You know, if you believe in this kind of stuff."
    You take a look at <familiar>'s% crystal ball, and see a tiny you fighting a tiny <monster> in a tiny... here.
    You look in the mini crystal ball -- it looks like there's a <monster> prowling around nearby.
    You look over <familiar>'s% shoulder (or shoulder-analogue), and see yourself running into a <monster> soon.
    You gaze in the mini crystal ball that <familiar> is holding and see that if you stay here, your next fight will be against a <monster>.
    <familiar> holds up their mini crystal ball, showing you an image of yourself fighting a <monster>.
    From what you can see in <familiar>'s crystal ball, it looks like if you stick around here you're going to run into a <monster>.
  • When you get bonus item drop, shows a message:
    <familiar> gazes into the crystal ball, and says "There is great loot in your future." (+50 Item Drops)
    <familiar> look into the crystal ball, and says "I see you gaining a lot of stuff." "Great! When?" you ask. "I don't know, I can't make out your wristwatch from here." (+50 Item Drops)
    "I see you gaining a bunch of stuff," <familiar> says, gazing into the mini crystal ball. (+50 Item Drops)
    "The crystal ball predicts a bunch of loot in your future," <familiar> says. "And also that you will be trapped inside a giant crystal ball? Maybe I'm interpreting that wrong." (+50 Item Drops)
    "The crystal ball says you will get a lot of loot," <familiar> says. "Does it say when?" you ask. <familiar> shakes the ball and looks again. "Now it just says 'OUTLOOK GOOD'." (+50 Item Drops)
    "You will gain a lot of treasure in the future," <familiar> says, looking into their crystal ball. "Aww, but I want it now," you complain. (+50 Item Drops)
    The crystal ball shows you a future where you find some sweet loot. (+50 Item Drops)
    You shake up the crystal ball, and see lots of little bits of loot floating around inside it. (+50 Item Drops)
  • When you get bonus stats, shows a message:
    <familiar> peers into their mini crystal ball. "Looks like all the practice you're getting is gonna pay off," they say. (+5 Stats)
    "Do you see anything in your crystal ball?" you ask <familiar>.% "Umm, I see you... doing stuff?" they reply. (+5 Stats)
    "Nice job! Go you!" <familiar> exclaims. "Thanks," you reply. "Oh, no, I meant the little you inside the crystal ball." they say. (+5 Stats)
    "The crystal ball shows you having experiences," <familiar> says. "Do you mean 'gaining experience'?" you ask. <familiar> blinks. "Isn't that the same thing?" (+5 Stats)
    "The crystal ball shows your numbers going up in the near future," <familiar> reports. (+5 Stats)
    "It looks like your future holds experience," exclaims <familiar>.% "Well, that kind of seems like a tautology," you reply. (+5 Stats)
    Peeking into <familiar>'s% mini crystal ball, you see yourself. It's hard to make out the details, but it seems like you're doing a good job at... whatever you're doing in there. (+5 Stats)
    You look into <familiar>'s% crystal ball, and see the text at the end of this sentence that says " (+5 Stats)". (+5 Stats)
    You look into <familiar>'s% crystal ball, and see yourself growing more experienced and knowledgeable. I'm not sure what that looks like, exactly, but that's what you see. (+5 Stats)
    You look into the mini crystal ball, and see yourself. The fish-eye visual effect makes your head look extremely big. (+5 Stats)
    You see yourself gaining experience in the crystal ball. (+5 Stats)
    You watch the little you inside the mini crystal ball for a bit. They seem unusually competent. (+5 Stats)
  • Sometime on or around 2021/01/06, the orb started making predictions at the start of combat rather than at the end of combat.


  • Predictions will respect banishes, sniffs, and also queue rejection. However, because the predictions are made at the start of combat, this means ignoring banishes, sniffs, and other actions taken during that combat.
  • Monsters predicted by the orb will enter the Adventure Queue without ever encountering them for real and increasing their rejection chance.
  • Predictions can be "held" by having the orb unequipped (in which case subsequent combats will be randomly selected as normal), and accessed again during the next combat in that zone during which the orb is equipped, but only if no turn-taking adventures are spent anywhere else.
    • This can have unwanted interactions with banishes!
  • Collectively, these traits of the orb means you can receive predictions and reset those predictions as long as you have other zones to spend turns in, while still adding unwanted monsters to the queue.


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