Mime army challenge coin

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mime army challenge coin
mime army challenge coin

This is a coin that proves that its bearer was in a particular division of the Silent Army, or in your case, that its bearer stole it from an army warehouse. It's got kind of a... cursed air about it. Be careful.

Type: usable
Level required: 13
Cannot be traded or discarded

Flip it. I'm sure it's safe.

(In-game plural: mime army challenge coins)
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Item number: 9677
Description ID: 202448379
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Obtained From

The Silent Night
The Cursed Warehouse

When Used

  • Without 30 adventures:
You can't bring yourself to flip the coin. It's as if it knows something you don't...
  • With at least 30 adventures:
You hold your breath, shudder, and flip the coin.

Heads! Ugh. That horrible mime face, just staring right into your soul.

AdventuresYou lose 30 Adventures.
  • or
Tails! Pshew. The bird on the back is way less horrifying than the mime on the front. It's kind of inspiring, actually!
AdventuresYou gain 30 Adventures.
  • Trying to use it a second time in a day will produce the following message:
You already took enough of a risk with this thing by flipping it once. Wait until tomorrow, when your common sense has had a chance to wear off.


  • Not consumed on use.
  • Like any other adventure loss, losing adventures with the Mime army challenge coin will also decrement your buff durations. Contrariwise, gaining adventures with the Mime army challenge coin will not increase buff durations.


  • Until a trivial update on October 9th, 2018, this item had no level requirement.


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