Milk of magnesium

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milk of magnesium
milk of magnesium

This magical beverage is designed to amplify the quality of food by causing it to burn more rapidly in your stomach, releasing more calories. That's how digestion works, right? I'm pretty sure that's right.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 36 Meat.

The next food item you eat will give 5 extra Adventures (usable once per day)

(In-game plural: milks of magnesia)
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Item number: 1650
Description ID: 802819764
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Lovepotion.gif glass of goat's milk scrumptious reagent
Equals.gif milk of magnesium

When Used

  • First use each day:
    You swallow the liquid. You stomach immediately begins to churn, and all the wrinkles in your shirt smooth out from the heat radiating from your abdomen.
  • Subsequent uses in a day:
    You've already had some of this stuff today, and it was pretty hard on the old gullet. Best wait until tomorrow to go through that again.


  • Adds 5 adventures to the next food item consumed.
  • The usual consumption message is appended by the following:
    Satisfied, you let loose a nasty magnesium-flavored belch.
  • An unused charge of milk of magnesium will persist through rollover, but using another milk of magnesium without first using the charge will overwrite it instead of stack.
  • Despite no longer being a potion, Saucerors still receive 3 per craft.


  • Before January 1, 2020 this item was a potion that gave 10/15/20 turns of Got Milk. [13:14] System Message: A new trivial update has been posted: The way milk of magnesium works has been changed. It's now a once-per-day flat boost of 5 turns to the next food you eat.
    • While the effect granted by most reagent potions has a base duration of 5 turns, this potion yielded an effect with a base duration of 10 turns. A base duration of 5 turns was deemed to be too strongly in favor of Saucerors, who can make more potions and get longer durations from their effects.


  • Magnesium hydroxide, known as Milk of Magnesia, is used medicinally both as a laxative and for heartburn and indigestion relief.


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