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Welcome to SpaceMall -- Happy Crap you can Buy from a Spaceship™

You currently have X Credcrystal(s)

Increase Bomb Capacity from 1 to 2 (50 Credcrystals)
I purchased a Bomb Capacity upgrade. There was a hum as my cybersuit downloaded the schematic data from the SpaceMall subnet and reconfigured itself.

Increase Missile Capacity from 1 to 2 (100 Credcrystals)
I purchased a Missile Capacity upgrade. I felt a shifting of the weight on my back as my cybersuit's storage chambers altered themselves based on SpaceMall's new schematics.

Increase Energy Capacity by 50 (1000 Credcrystals)
I purchased an Energy Capacity upgrade. My cybersuit got slightly heavier as the energy storage tanks refabricated themselves based on the new schematic data from the SpaceMall servers.

Purchase Ice Beam (500 Credcrystals)
I purchased an Ice Beam upgrade. My arm cannon got hotter, then colder, as the SpaceMall schematic data was processed by the cannon's internal nanostructure.
  • Increases shooting damage by 5 and allows you to move past Rocketsnails.

Close SpaceMall

Upgrade Strategy

Because the underground layout (including the obstacles you need to pass to reach the treasures) is randomized, there may not be a single optimal strategy. However, there are some general suggestions:

  • Your first priority should be to buy at least one extra bomb and missile, or you'll miss many of the treasures in the second stage.
  • Buy the ice beam before the third stage, if possible.
  • The energy capacity upgrade is important for the final stage, but with good strategy you probably will not need it before that.
  • It's probably not worthwhile to upgrade beyond four bombs (which are enough to kill one meteoid).
  • Prior to the final stage, you won't need more than 4 missiles. On the final stage, even the maximum capacity of 5 might not be enough to find the Matriarch without running out of ammunition. Make sure you max out.


  • Bomb and Missile Capacity can each be upgraded to a maximum of 5. The cost of increasing Bomb Capacity by 1 begins at 50, and is subsequently 100, 250, and 500 Credcrystals for each new purchase. The cost of increasing Missile Capacity by 1 is 100, 250, 500, and 1000 Credcrystals for each new purchase.
  • It costs 1000 Credcrystals for the first Energy Capacity upgrade, and 1500, 2000 for the subsequent ones. Each upgrade increases Energy Capacity by 50.


  • SpaceMall is a reference to SkyMall, a catalog found on many airplanes.