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You snap back to the reality of the arcade, and look at the screen of the Meteoid cabinet:

Rooms Explored: X X*50 points
Levels Completed: X X*500 points
Credcrystals Collected: X floor(X/5) points
Cybersuit Upgrades: X X*250 points
Snugglecrawlers defeated: X X*25 points
Shriekwings defeated: X X*50 points
Eyeslugs defeated: X X*100 points
Grab-Bats defeated: X X*250 points
Crabhoppers defeated: X X*500 points
Meteoids defeated: X X*1,000 points
Cerebral Matriarch defeated: 1 2,000 points
Total Score: Z

There is a satisfying whirring noise as the cabinet spits out some tickets:

Ggticket.gifYou acquire max(floor(Z/1,000),5) Game Grid tickets


  • You will receive 1 ticket for every 1000 points scored, with a minimum of 5 tickets.