Metallic foil cat ears

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metallic foil cat ears
metallic foil cat ears

If you're building a metallic foil cat, you'll need these ears, so it can ignore you when you call it.

Nah, just kidding. This is a shiny metal headband with shiny metal cat ears on it. It's sure to make people think you're a creepy sci-fi nerd instead of a creepy anime nerd.

Type: hat
Power: 30
Selling Price: 35 Meat.

Not Amused

(In-game plural: metallic foil cat earses)
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Item number: 3056
Description ID: 835251732
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Obtained From

Fold metallic foil radar dish

When Folded

You fold the cat ears into a cute little bow.
Whitebow.gifYou acquire an item: metallic foil bow


  • Formerly gave the O Hai! intrinsic effect.
  • "Not Amused" changes various combat text to Lolcat:
    • At the beginning of combat, you'll either see the message "The Jump: you gets it." or "No Jump. Not for you."
    • If you take damage, instead of the usual message you will see the ouches and ows randomly replaced with "HALP".
    • Instead of "You gain X Meat", you'll see "You gets X Meets".
    • "Is it can be wins tiem now plees?" sometimes replaces "You win the fight!".
    • Some items that do not drop will display "INVISIBLE (ITEM)"
    • Any substats gained will appear as "muskewlairtees", "mistikkaltees", and "mawksees".
    • When eating food, the normal eating text is replaced with "Om nom nom nom."
  • This effect is identical to Can Has Cyborger, sans the Moxie bonus, as well as Yes, Can Haz.


  • The comment about "so it can ignore you when you call it" is a reference to the frustration that many cat owners have about their cats, despite knowing their names, refusing to come inside.
  • The comment about "....instead of a creepy anime nerd" pertains to the sub-genre of anime called "nekomimi", or "Cat Girls", where most female characters will have cat ears, or other traits pertaining to cats or other animals, and the unfortunate tendency for some anime fanatics to wear cat-ears, regardless of how creepy it looks on them.

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