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Message Board

The Message Board in one's Clan Hall is just that; a message board for the use of the clan. The usage of the message board is determined by the clan's leader and administrators, ranging from idle chit-chat to giveaways, contests and events. The organization of the board consists of forums, topics within those forums, and posts within those topics.

The first forum created on the board is free, but each one created after that will cost 20,000 Meat from the Clan Stash. Forum names have a limit of 50 characters, while forum descriptions have a limit of 100 characters. You can choose to lock the forum upon creation (you may always choose to unlock/relock it later), which means non-moderators/administrators will not be able to make new topics or posts in the forum. Locked topics will have a Padlock.gif next to them.

In a forum, the topics are sorted into three groups: announcements, stickies, and normal topics. Announcements are always at the top of the topic list and have a Exclam.gif next to them, sticky topics are below the announcements and have a Wad.gif next to them, and all other topics are below those. Clicking on a member's name will take you to their profile. Members may post topics by clicking "Post a new topic". Forum moderators have the special option of posting the topic as an announcement or a sticky, as well as locking (preventing new posts from being made) the topic on creation.

Within a topic, members with custom avatars will have them displayed to the left of their messages, under their names. As on the forum page, clicking on a person's name will bring you to their profile. Members can always edit or delete their own posts. Forum moderators are able to edit or delete everyone's posts, as well as having options at the bottom to lock or delete the entire topic.

Clan members may be given forum moderator or administrator privileges on the Edit Ranks and Permissions page of the Clan Administration Office. Clan administrators have all the moderator abilities described above, plus the ability to create, edit, delete, and lock entire forums.

Clan leaders and members with the right permissions also have the option of using the message board to post clan announcements, which are displayed on the Clan Hall screen. Also on that same page is where the twenty last messages from the old message board system are displayed.

Due to the simplicity of the clan message system, some clans (especially the larger, more social, and/or more warlike) tend to have their own private forums.


  • On March 20, 2007, the message board was replaced with the current clan forum system, and old posts were archived into "View old Clan Board entries."
  • Prior to February 24, 2007, clan win/loss messages were posted here. On this date, they were moved to The War Room.
  • If you attempt to view a topic that is not owned by your clan via URL manipulation, you receive the message "The forum this topic belongs to does not belong to your clan."
  • If you attempt to post a blank announcement, then following message will be displayed:
Don't post blank announcements. It makes Baby Mr. Gerf cry.
  • If you attempt to post a new topic without a message, then the following message will be displayed:
You can't post without something to say! This isn't network television, y'know.
  • If no forums have been created, then the following message will be displayed:
Your clan does not have any forums. Ask your clan leader or forum administrators to create one!