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mesh cap
mesh cap

This hat makes you feel like you're ready for some football, like you're a good ol' boy (never meanin' no harm,) and like the South will rise again. In other words, tough but stupid.

Type: hat
Power: 165
Moxie Required: 50
Selling Price: 135 Meat.

Muscle +15
Moxie -5

(In-game plural: mesh caps)
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Item number: 490
Description ID: 265738225
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Obtained From

The Heap
I Refuse!
Inside the Palindome
Racecar Bob
Bob Racecar
Zombie Slayer Run
zombie-huntin' feller


  • Formerly gave the Red Neck intrinsic effect.


  • The item description refers to the theme song from the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard, whose protagonists were described in the theme song as "good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm".
  • The item description also refers to the tag-line of ABC's Monday Night Football.
  • The intrinsic effect refers to the stereotypical redneck obsession with mesh trucker hats.
  • Also a stereotypical redneck obsession is the belief that "The South shall rise again," a phrase usually taken to mean that that the former Confederate States of America will one day attempt to secede from the Union again.

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