Mercury Rising

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Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising

Clancy stops, knee-deep in snow, and shrugs his shoulders. "It's no good, fair <playername>," he says, "I have heard the Yeti's call, but it just sounded like a giant predator in heat. I was wrong. There is nothing here for me to -- what's that sound?"

A high-pitched, full-throated wail wafts toward you on the wind. "Can anybody find meeeeeeeeee --" it says, its echos harmonizing perfectly.

Clancy grabs your arm and runs through the snow until you find a cave, and in that cave you find a Snow Queen. You raise your trusty axe, but Clancy stays your hand.

"Hear me, O Snow Queen, whose legend was old even when Boris was alive!" Clancy says. "I, the wandering minstrel Clancy, come to thee seeking inspiration!"

"At last," the Snow Queen says, "an end to my pre-minstrel syndrome! I shall grant thee new ideas for writing songs. Write, dear Clancy, about women with large gluteal regions! Write about a gravity-defying tiger flying through the sky! Write about floating on seven seas of rye! But most of all, write of me, and how I am a killer well-versed in etiquette!

"I shall, Snow Queen!" Clancy says, as he backs respectfully out of the cave. "Well, at least I will except for that tiger thing. Did that make any sense to thee?"

You shake your head as Clancy starts humming a new tune. You wonder if you should stop him now, but you decide not to. He's having such a good time, after all. He's having a ball.

Clancy gains a level!

Occurs at The Icy Peak.