KoL Con 13 Merch Table

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KoL Con 13 Merch Table is found in The Time-Twitching Tower.

Momnjanet.gif Jick's Mom and Janet

Jick's mom and her friend Janet smile as you approach the merchandise table.

"Hello! What can we get you?"

Item: Price:
Consnowglobe.gif KoL Con 13 snowglobe Mracc.gif 1
Teatree.gif potted tea tree Mracc.gif 3
Transmitter.gif Xi Receiver Unit Mracc.gif 4
Beercat.gif Gordon Beer's Beer Garden Catalog Mracc.gif 5
Radlibtome.gif Tome of Rad Libs Mracc.gif 6
Gygaxlibram.gif Gygaxian Libram Mracc.gif 7
Hippotutu.gif hippo tutu Mracc.gif 8
Twitchtatkit.gif Twitching Television Tattoo Chroner.gif 1111

You have:

Mracc.gif X/Mr. Accessories