Mer-kin dreadscroll

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Mer-kin dreadscroll
Mer-kin dreadscroll

This dread sea scroll almost certainly contains ancient Mer-kin religious secrets.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Mer-kin dreadscrolls)
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Item number: 6353
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Obtained From

Mer-kin Library
Hook, Line and Sinker

When Used

You unroll the dreadscroll and look it over -- it appears to be some sort of ancient prophecy predicting the return of the Elder God of Hatred, but a lot of the words are... strange. They fade, and flicker, and shift through multiple interpretations.

Man. Mer-kin theology is complicated.

When the
is in the House of

and the
Current runs
as yellow as piss

when a
two and twenty stillborn spawn

the Elder shall awaken.

Read Aloud
If you get all 8 choices correct:
You read the prophecy aloud from the scroll.

The murky darkness that led you to the scroll once again descends on you. But this time, there are voices in the darkness. Chanting voices.

You look up and find yourself surrounded by a circle of Mer-kin dressed in blood-red cowls. Their posture is not threatening -- I mean, they still look like jerks, but they don't look like jerks who are an immediate danger to you.

The circle closes in, the chanting intensifies, and you are suddenly wracked with searing pain in your forehead. It's like somebody drew a really elaborate rebus on you with a marker made of molten lead.

As the pain recedes, so does the circle of hooded Mer-kin. As the murk lifts, a voice inside your head gurgles:

"Arise, High Priest. They await you in the Temple."

I guess you're the Mer-kin High Priest now. Cool!

If you do not:
You read the prophecy aloud from the scroll.

Something about that... wasn't right. Murk clouds your vision as your mind revolts against the innacuracy.

Tentaclemass.gifYou acquire an effect: Deep-Tainted Mind
(duration: 3-24 Adventures)
If you already have a Deep-Tainted Mind:
Your mind is still addled from your last failed prognostication. You should wait. And also get better at prognostication, dummy.
If you are the Champion of the Arena:
The sigil burned into your forehead (you know, the one you got for winning the tournament in the Colosseum?) flares up in intense pain as you look at the dreadscroll. A tendril of fire curls out and burns the scroll to ashes.

Guess that settles that, then.


  • You can get 3 words from Playing the Catalog Card, one from using a Mer-kin killscroll in combat, the fish clue from using a Mer-kin healscroll in combat, the direction from using a Mer-kin knucklebone, one from casting Deep Dark Visions, and one from eating sushi while having Mer-kin worktea in inventory.
  • For those inclined on skipping the worktea clue, it is clue 7 (the [animal] one).
  • The number of turns of Deep-Tainted Mind is 3x the number of incorrect words.
  • Failure and success both take an adventure. The number of turns of Deep-Tainted Mind is decremented by 1 by this turn, so you actually get (3x - 1) turns upon failure. If your last adventure was underwater and you do not have the Fishy effect, it takes 2 adventures instead (so you get (3x - 2) turns).
  • Can be used with 0 adventures.