Mer-kin Library

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Mer-kin Library
Mer-kin Library
Zone Num 208
Location The Mer-Kin Deepcity
Unlocks After taming a seahorse, with Mer-kin Scholar's Vestments
Recom Stat 750
Combat %  ?
ML 750 - 850
Terrain underwater
Pressure -150%
Special Adventures
Lucky  ?
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The Mer-kin Library is located in The Mer-Kin Deepcity. You must be wearing the Mer-kin Scholar's Vestments to enter. If you are not, you will see the message:

You see a pretty serious contingent of Mer-kin guards outside the library, and they're only letting in Mer-kin scholars.
You should probably get yourself a Mer-kin scholar disguise if you wanna go in that place.

A primary stat of 750 is suggested. If your main stat isn't high enough, you'll see the following message:

This zone might be too tough for you.
(It is recommended that you have at least 750 <mainstat> to adventure here.)

Combat Adventures

Mer-kin alphabetizer This monster is a Mer-Kin -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: Mer-kin smartjuice, Mer-kin worktea
  • Meat Drop: 64-96
  • Monster Level: 750 • Substat Gain: 187.5 • Moxie for No Hit*: 760
  • Monster Defense: 800
  • Hit Points: 900
  • Initiative: 100
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: ?

Mer-kin drifter This monster is a Mer-Kin -- (edit metadata)

Mer-kin researcher This monster is a Mer-Kin -- (edit metadata)

Non-combat Adventures

Hook, Line and Sinker

Playing the Catalog Card
Playing the Catalog Card
  • QZ801.67: Aquatic Desserts: A Cautionary Tale
  • TG540.16: A Taxonomy of Starfish Killing
  • ZZ597.66: The Encyclopedia of Delicious Botany
  • Note: Up to 13 choices may appear.


  • This is an underwater zone with very high pressure. It features all the restrictions and special mechanics of underwater adventuring. Amongst other things, this means this zone has a -150% penalty to meat drops and item drops.
  • The noncombat adventures will not occur if you are the Champion of the Mer-kin Colosseum.