Melvign's Comic Shop

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Melvign's Comic Shop is located in The Big Mountains after reading the Letter for Melvign the Gnome. This is related to the Quest The Shirt Off His Lack of Back

Melvign scowls at you as you walk into the comic shop. "Hey, advegnturer, haven't you fougnd my T-shirt yet? I'm so cold without it, and nobody knows how into Professor What I am without it!"

Melvign's eyes light up when he sees you carrying the garment, whatever it is. "Thanks, Adventurer! I can't wait to try this ogn!" he says. "Oh. Aw, man, I forgot: I dogn't have a torso. Crap."

"A what?"

"A torso! You have ogne! It's the space on your front between your gneck and your waist!"

"I don't really get what you--oh. Oh, huh. I never noticed that before."

"I guess since I cagn't wear this, you cagn keep it, especially gnow that you kgnow where to put it," Melvign says, handing over the shirt.

Btee3.gifYou acquire an item: Professor What T-Shirt