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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

What is the weight:cold resistance formula?

Mellow? Dramatic?
Well, kind of in the middle?
Let's just say 'seething'.

Has a bad attitude & is willing to share it with anyone

Ability: Has the properties of both a Blood-Faced Volleyball and a Ghuol Whelp that activates 100% of the time, accumulates spit to splatter yourself or your enemies. Gives +1% desert exploration in The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert.

Throne/Bjorn: Gives all attributes +10, and on some turns deals 10-30 Sleaze Damage and delevels opponent by 8-12.

Hatchling: Camelcalf.gif baby camelCalf

Familiar-Specific Equipment: Camelhelmet.gif dromedary drinking helmet

Arena.gif Ultimate Cage Match Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course Hide and Seek
Question.gif Question.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif

Mumming Trunk Abilities:

+15% Meat Drop 4-5 MP +4 Muscle statgain +15% Item Drop +4 Mysticality statgain 8-10 HP +2 Moxie statgain
Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Staggers* Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif
*Hover for details
Dasboot.gifCannot breathe underwater
Combat Messages
  • Regular messages:
  • After combat, healing:
    <Familiar name> kicks you in the <forehead>, in just the right place to be very effective chiropracty. If that's a word.
    HPYou gain some hit points.
    MPYou gain some Mana Points.
  • After combat, increasing spit:
    You hear a loud schlurrrrrk! noice, and turn to see <familiar name> sucking the liquid out of an <container> he found somewhere. (X% full)
    And then another out of the handy helmet he's wearing.
  • After combat, at full spit, including on the combat upon which it hits 100%:
    <Familiar name> is starting to make audible sloshing noises as he walks around.
  • After combat, giving stats:
    <Familiar name> smiles. You're glad to not know what it's thinking about.
    <Familiar name> smiles, in a very loose sense of the word "smile".
    <Familiar name> smiles at you. It isn't a cute smile. It's more of a "someone brought a camera to the mandatory office party" smile, crossed with a "I could stomp you into mulch and no one would ever find you" smile.
    <Familiar name> smiles a smile that communicates the opposite of every emotion you've ever seen anyone smile about.
  • After combat, while The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert is not yet fully explored:
    You follow <Familiar name> further into the desert, since he seems to have a much better idea of where he's going than you do.
  • Enthroned in the Crown of Thrones:
    You hear a disgusting sound from above you and something nasty hits your opponent, dealing 10-30 damage.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 8-12
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 8-12
  • Bjornified in the Buddy Bjorn:
    You hear a disgusting sound from behind you and something nasty hits your opponent, dealing 10-30 damage.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 8-12
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 8-12
  • With lucky Tam O'Shanter equipped:
    <Familiar name> winks at you from beneath his Tam O'Shanter. Unless that's a tic caused by repressed anger.
  • With miniature gravy-covered maypole equipped:
    <Familiar name> gives your maypole a bored kick. So that's kind of like a dance.
  • With wax lips equipped:

Arena Messages

  • When entered in an Obstacle Course or a game of Hide and Seek:
    %familiar[sic] is absolutely uninterested, and furthermore how dare you.


  • Heals, accumulates spit, and gives stats after every combat.
  • When accumulating spit, increases by 3.33% each combat (the number displayed is rounded). With the dromedary drinking helmet equipped, increases spit accumulation by an additional 3.33% approximately 30% of the time.
    • At full spit, grants 1 use of the skills %fn, spit on me! and %fn, spit on them! and resets spit accumulation to 0%. There appears to be no limit to the number of uses per day, aside from spit accumulation.
  • Possible containers include:
    • bag of prison wine
    • Big Glorp cup
    • bottle of Lushmills
    • bottle of Haterade
    • bottle of malt liquor
    • can of light beer
    • Chug-n-Slug
    • crystal champagne flute
    • IV drip
    • iron cauldron
    • jar of homemade kombucha
    • replica of the Stanley Cup
    • tin bucket
    • wooden water barrel
  • Once per day while Fourth of May Cosplay Saber is equipped, has a link to [open melodramedary], granting 10 turns of Entauntauned, a Cold resistance buff whose strength is proportional to sqrt(familiar exp) and resets familiar experience to 0 (but does not affect spit).
  • Is made of 3 different images: Camelfam left.gif, Camelfam middle.gif and Camelfam right.gif.
  • Up to 4 Camelfam middle.gifs are added to the image based on its base weight.
  • Between 0 and 4 lbs: Camelfam left.gifCamelfam right.gif
  • Between 5 and 9 lbs: Camelfam left.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam right.gif
  • Between 10 and 14 lbs: Camelfam left.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam right.gif
  • Between 15 and 19 lbs: Camelfam left.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam right.gif
  • At 20 lbs: Camelfam left.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam middle.gifCamelfam right.gif