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A meatsink is a game feature which is designed to remove Meat from the economy. In the past, major meatsinks were implemented to drain the hacked "bugmeat" out of a hyperinflated system. In the months and years following Black Sunday, meatsinks have been slowly but surely increasing the value of Meat (deflation), causing market prices to drop to more reasonable levels. Most meatsinks have been implemented by Jick, but a few enterprising players have tried starting meatsinks of their own (see Warehouse 23). Within the game itself, many of the major meatsinks have been intimately related to the comings and goings of the Penguin Mafia.

Large-scale meatsinks

Many world events function as one-shot meat- or item-sinks. For example, during Crimbo 2020, donated food/booze/candy shipments required for the event could be bought from an NPC store for 100,000 Meat apiece. In addition, but turns spent on world events are turns not spent on meat farming; therefore, world events slow the creation of new Meat and therefore reduce inflation.

Some historical examples of meat sink events include:

Ongoing meatsinks

Even without bugmeat flooding the economy, Meat is constantly entering the game through meat farming and normal adventuring. (Whenever you gain Meat from defeating a monster, the total supply of Meat in the Kingdom increases.) Ongoing meatsinks help to counter this slow inflation.

Meat can be removed from the economy in many different ways. Some specific examples include:

Money Making Game

The Money Making Game was formerly playable in The Casino on the Wrong Side of the Tracks. Jick has been noted as saying that MMG was never intended to be a meatsink. However, in the first two days alone, over thirty billion Meat went through the game, which means .1% to the house sunk thirty million in the first two days. As of 24 November 2006, approximately 57.2 trillion Meat had gone through the game, sinking 57.2 billion. This number, obviously, grew every day. The MMG was removed on August 26, 2019.

Item sinks

Item sinks remove wealth from the kingdom in an attempt to maintain the value of some goods.