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Wad.gif Meat Pasting

In a nutshell, meat pasting is the art of combining two items together into another by bonding them with meat paste. It is available to all players in the game regardless of level, moon sign, ascension type and so on; moreover pasting items does not consume adventures. On the other hand, a lump of meat paste -- obtained by either adventuring at certain locations or producing it, for 10 Meat each, using the crafting interface -- is required per each item to be produced for everyone not under a Knollish moon sign.

Unlike products of other crafts in the game, most meat-pasting items can be taken back apart by visiting the Untinker at the Forest Village inside the Distant Woods. Untinkering is essentially free; however it does not return meat paste which held the compound item together.

This page provides an overview of items produced by meat pasting, with actual recipes and detailed descriptions listed on individual item pages.

Special Pasting Accomplishments


A number of familiar hatchlings can be obtained by the means of meat pasting:

There are also three "proto-hatchlings" obtained by meat pasting: dusty animal skull, pirate skull and ninja pirate zombie robot head. These items produce hatchlings for the Misshapen Animal Skeleton, the Spooky Pirate Skeleton and the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot, respectively, if used with appropriate other items present in inventory.


Since September 24, 2008, discovering 69 unique meat-pasting recipes makes one eligible for the Master Paster trophy.

Quest Items

A number of quest items, some of which are mandatory for completing Council quests, can only be created by meat pasting:

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