Meat Golem

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Meat Golem

A Meat Golem is a furnishing located at your Campground.

When "Used"

Your fierce Meat Golem will protect your stuff from the thieving fingers of other players who attack you.

When defending sucessfully

<Defending Players>'s Meat Golem sees <Attacking Player> trying to snag an item, and punches them in the stomach. While they're lying on the ground, <Attacking Player> decides to pick a flower.
Flower.gifYou acquire an item: pretty flower


  • Obtained by using meat golem.
  • A Meat Golem has roughly a 50% chance of protecting your items from players who attack you in PvP.
  • Upon ascension, your Meat Golem is lost and must be re-obtained in your next incarnation.


  • In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated being which is crafted from inanimate material.