Meansucker's House

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Meansucker's House is located in sunny Hey Deze. Meansucker will teach you various skills, based on the seven deadly Sins. Only players who have ascended with a Bad Moon zodiac sign can access this store.

  • Lust - You're really... enthusiastic. So much so that you tend to rush into things and not care if you do them well or not. (passive)
  • Gluttony - You really, really like food. You like it so much that you find it hard to concentrate on anything else. (passive)
  • Greed - You want money, 'cause you're in need. Getting more money is no trifling matter to you, indeed. You care about pretty much nothing but money. (passive)
  • Sloth - Baby Ruth! Baby Ruth! Nah, you're too lazy to go get a Baby Ruth. You're too lazy to do pretty much anything. (passive)
  • Wrath - You're just... so... angry. You hate everything. You just want to recklessly and violently smash things. (passive)
  • Envy - Whenever you see anybody else with anything, you want it. You don't care what it is, you don't care what it costs, you just want it. (passive)
  • Pride - You feel pretty full of yourself -- you're always strutting around and bragging about your accomplishments. Gotta watch your figure, though. (passive)

Learn Message

You have learned a new skill: skill.

Skill Effects and Pricing

  • Each skill has one benefit and one drawback. For each benefit, there exists a drawback of the same type, but at half power. So taking all 7 skills, or any complete set of {Gluttony,Pride}, {Greed,Envy}, or {Lust,Sloth,Wrath} results in a net positive effect, with no drawbacks.
Skill Benefit Drawback
Lust +50% Combat Initiative -5 weapon and spell damage
Sloth +8 Damage Reduction -25% Combat Initiative
Wrath +10 weapon and spell damage -4 Damage Reduction
Greed +50% Meat from Monsters -15% Items from Monsters
Envy +30% Items from Monsters -25% Meat from Monsters
Gluttony +2 stomach capacity -2 stats/combat
Pride +4 stats/combat -1 stomach capacity
  • The first skill costs 400 Meat to learn and each subsequent skill costs twice as much Meat as the previous one.
Skill number Cost to Buy Total Spent (after purchase)
1 400 400
2 800 1,200
3 1,600 2,800
4 3,200 6,000
5 6,400 12,400
6 12,800 25,200
7 25,600 50,800


  • None of these skills can be made permanent.
  • Once you have purchased all seven skills, you will get the message:
  • Trying to access Meansucker after recalling your skills once you've freed King Ralph results in the following message:
You consider entering Meansucker's house, but a flood of recovered memories paralyzes you outside the door.


  • Each of the seven skills corresponds to the seven deadly sins and give appropriate effects.
  • "Meansucker" was the name of one of Wesley Willis's demons.
  • The description of Greed is a reference to the Kanye West song Gold Digger.
  • The description of Sloth is a reference to The Goonies, specifically the candybar-craving Sloth.