Me and Cinderella Put It All Together

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Me and Cinderella Put It All Together
Me and Cinderella Put It All Together

You ponder the headlight selection. Which headlight is going to annoy the most people while providing the least amount of useful light to you?

I mean, I'm pretty sure that's how all the vehicle-modding people I've encountered make their headlight choices.

Ultrabright Yellow Bulb
(Flash Headlight vaporizes foes)
You install the Ultra-Bright Yellow Bulb. That thing's so bright, it could turn a monster into mist! Even if that monster isn't a vampire.

Party Bulb
(Flash Headlight deals prismatic damage)
You install the Party Bulb. It shines light in all five colors of the rainbow!

Blacklight Bulb
(Aids in desert exploration)
You install the Blacklight Bulb. It'll help counteract the darkness of the Desert so you can explore! Also, it makes scorpions glow.

Upgrade Something Else

Occurs at Upping Your Grade.