McMillicancuddy's Farm

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This is for the war-time farm, there is also a post-war page.

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McMillicancuddy's Farm is located on The Mysterious Island of Mystery (Wartime). It becomes available while wearing the Frat Warrior Fatigues after 458 members of the Hippy army have been killed.

Here you can find:


  • Initially, only the Farmhouse may be visited, in order for Farmer McMillicancuddy to ask you for your help to Defowl the Farm.
  • The other locations are conditionally opened based on choices made while adventuring at The Barn.
  • After the fowl infestation has been dealt with, the locations within the Farm may no longer be accessed, but the Farm itself becomes an adventurable location after the war ends.
  • Moreover, none of the ducks respawn until after the fowl infestation has been dealt with.


  • McMillicancuddy is a combination of the Irish last names McMillan and Mcgillicuddy.
  • McMillicancuddy is a reference to McGillicuddy's, a brand of liquor.
  • McGillicuddy is Lucy's maiden name in I Love Lucy.