Mayor Zapruder's Office

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Mayor Zapruder
Mayor Zapruder

Mayor Zapruder is the Mayor of Degrassi Knoll. If you have ascended with the Mongoose, Wallaby, or Vole moon sign, he will start offering you a few quests once you have received the level 2 council quest, which opens the Distant Woods.



Visiting before Distant Woods has been opened:

"I'm sorry, Citizen, but I'm far too busy to speak with you right now. Come back a little later."

Visiting after completing his quest:

"Thanks again for your help with our bugbear situation, Citizen. The Knoll is truly grateful."


Mayor Zapruder's office is empty. Unless you count the briefcase lying in a pool of blood.


  • The mayor's name is a reference to Abraham Zapruder, the man who shot the famous film ("the Zapruder film") of President Kennedy's assassination next to the grassy knoll (Dealey Plaza).