Mayonnaise wasp

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Are there any circumstances under which this monster cannot attack twice a round?

Mayonnaise wasp
Monster ID 73
Locations The Daily Dungeon
Hit Points 11
Attack 17
Defense 15
No-Hit 27
Initiative 60
Meat None
Phylum bug
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, thorax, wing
glob of spoiled mayo
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
mayonnaise wasp You're fighting a mayonnaise wasp

This room is guarded by a mayonnaise wasp. Oily nastiness drips from its stinger.

Hit Message(s):

It stings you with the tangy zip of mild neurotoxins. Ugh! Ouch! Ow!

It rubs its nasty, why-the-hell-is-this-a-condimentness all over your <calf>. Argh! Ouch! Ugh!

It stings you with its nasty, oily, stinger. It hurts so bad you feel like a spirit in the material world. Oof! Ow! Argh!

It coats you (and your french fries) with mayonnaise. Damn, that's some repulsive stuff. Ow! Ouch! Eek! Ow! (sleaze damage)

Critical Hit Message:

It completely mummifies you in oily, creamy mayonnaise. The mayonnaise hardens around you, forming a thick, crusty shell. You try to break out of your shell, but take a lot of damage doing so. Ow! Argh! Ugh! Ooh!

Miss Message(s):

It tries to coat you with nasty mayonnaise, but you counter with a ketchup bomb. That you didn't know you had before. And is now gone.

It tries to sting you in the <bung>, but you parry with whatever weapon you may or may not have equipped.

It starts to sting you, but is distracted by a desert rose. Olé! Olé!

It tries to coat you with mayonnaise, but stops when it sees you don't have any french fries.

It tries to smother you with mayo, but you're not going to its mayo clinic.

It tries to mayo you, but you threaten it with dijon mustard.

Fumble Message:

It spits a stream of mayonnaise straight at you. Thinking quickly, you throw some relish and dijon mustard toward it. The devil appears and beats the unholy crap out of the mayonnaise wasp! (FUMBLE!)

Special Move(s):

(Only occurs with at least 101 Blood Mayo Concentration)

The mayo wasp sniffs at you for a minute, then suddenly becomes less aggressive. It lands on your chest and begins massaging your abdomen.

It actually feels pretty nice, until the wasp suddenly plunges its stinger deep into your stomach and shudders as it pumps you full of... something.

After Combat

Blankoutglob.gifYou acquire an item: glob of spoiled mayo
You gain 4-5 <substat>.

Occurs at The Daily Dungeon.


  • A successful attack from this monster has a 66% chance of poisoning you, with the following message:
You are poisoned by the attack...
Poison.gifYou acquire an effect: A Little Bit Poisoned
(duration: 10 Adventures)
  • The special attack only occurs if you have at least 101 blood-mayo, and unlocks Mmmmmmayonnaise, which will occur randomly around 300 to 400 turns later. This will still show up if you ascend during this time.


  • The "tangy zip" refers to Miracle Whip.
  • The line about mayonnaise and French fries refers to the common European practice of eating French fries with mayonnaise instead of Ketchup.
  • The "desert rose" message refers to the Sting song "Desert Rose".
  • The "ketchup bomb" miss message might be a reference to Homestar Runner. In one episode of "Strong Bad Emails", Strong Bad gets ketchup all over his computer in the process of answering an email in "the funniest way ever", and later Bubs comes in and asks if the mess was caused by the detonation of a "ketchup bomb".
  • The Mayo Clinic is a famous medical center.