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mayo lance
mayo lance

Though 9 out of 10 doctors agree that a healthy concentration of mayonnaise in your bloodstream is just what 9 out of the 10 doctors ordered, they also all agree that subcutaneous mayo deposits can be unsightly. The tenth doctor is too disgusted by all of this stuff to even have an opinion.

Type: combat item
Cannot be traded or discarded
This item will disappear at the end of the day.

Unleash a torrent of inner mayonnaise. The torrent will be yellow and ray-like.

(In-game plural: mayo lances)
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Item number: 8269
Description ID: 740009343
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Obtained From

Your Workshed
The Mayo Clinic (2,500 Meat)

When Used

  • Against a regular monster:
You plunge the lance into one of the more bulbous of the many mayonnaise bulges on your skin. A torrent of mayo overwhelms your opponent, and when it has finally all drained into the gutter, there's nothing left of him. Your eyes sting -- it's probably because of the sudden reduction of mayonnaise pressure in your bloodstream.
Eyes.gifYou acquire an effect: Everything Looks Yellow
(duration: X Adventures)
  • Without any blood-mayo:
You go to lance a mayonnaise boil, but find, to your dismay, that you don't have any mayonnaise boils.
  • Against a monster which cannot be disintegrated:
This monster is too intimidating for you to be willing to harm yourself near it.
Your eyes are already ringing. I mean... You know what I mean. You can't use another one of those items until your vision gets back to normal...


  • Not consumed on use.
  • Reduces your blood-mayo on use, up to 30 mg/dL.
  • The X in the message is equal to 150, minus 5 for each consumed mg/dL of blood-mayo. The X you actually gain is that plus 1, but it will be reduced by 1 immediately as combat ends... unless you were fighting a turnless encounter.


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Mayocase.gif Clinical Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise Packets
Mayo1.gif Mayonex Gain blood mayo instead of Adventures
Mayo2.gif Mayodiol Convert 1 Fullness to Drunkenness
Mayo3.gif Mayostat Recover a portion of food
Mayo4.gif Mayozapine Increased stat gains and effect durations
Mayo5.gif Mayoflex Increased adventure yield
Medical Supplies
Mayo Minder™ usable automatically consume mayo
sphygmayomanometer accessory all stats +(X+20)%
(where X is blood mayo concentration)
tomayohawk-style reflex hammer combat item, reusable staggers enemy and deals Sleaze Damage based on blood mayo
mayo lance combat item, reusable yellow ray
(turns of cooldown decrease with blood mayo)
miracle whip 2h weapon (whip) initiative +50%
weapon damage +50
item drops +50%
meat drops +100%
Portable Mayo ClinicForce of Mayo Be With You

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