Maximum Chill

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Maximum Chill

Maximum Chill

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 30

This skill allows you to chill out to the max. You'll be so chill you'll get goosebumps. Illin' won't even be a remote possibility, on account of the extent to which you'll be chillin'.

Source: Maxing, Relaxing
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Deals (10-20)+(Mys/10) cold damage, where Mys is your buffed Mysticality (which isn't ever capped), and divisions are rounded down. Calms flipped out monsters.
When Used:
You chill out, to the max.

Your opponent responds to your chillin' with some illin', however, so you cast an icy glare in <her> direction, dealing X ice-cold damage.


You chill out, to the max. Your opponent sees you chilling, and cannot resist joining you.