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Adventurers who have broken their Magical Mystical Hippy Stone receive PvP fights every day during rollover. There are various methods by which a player can receive Extra PvP Fights, one of which is to maximize the number of fights gained at rollover.

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Ultra rares and Raffle House/Radio prizes Tradable and still obtainable, but rare
Semi-rares and war hero drops
Mr. Store/KoL Con accessible derivatives Tradable (directly or ingredients or zone access consumable), unlimited generation to those who own source, source no longer obtainable
Mr. Store/KoL Con items and inaccessible derivatives Tradable, but no longer obtainable
Other limited time content
Clan Dungeon non-tradables Untradable, but still obtainable
Other non-tradables
Non-tradables from past holidays and world events Untradable, and no longer obtainable
* Single-equip restriction, or two-handed/three-handed weapon
^ Equipment disappears at the end of the day or the equipment (or its associated enchantment) has a limited duration

Hat Back Shirt Pants
Mushroom cap^ 5
depleted Grimacite ninja mask 0-5
Dolph Bossin's Crimbo hat 4
insulting hat 3
chalk chapeau 3
Mer-kin headguard 2
murderbot mask 2
papier-mitre 2
sweatband 2
Mayor Ghost's cloak 5 (Pastamancers only)
octolus-skin cloak 4
auxiliary backbone 3
gabardine gunnysack 3
First Post shirt - Cir Senam 5
Sneaky Pete's leather jacket (collar popped) 4
Makeshift garbage shirt 3
Brogre brolo shirt 3
Glass casserole dish 3
Corporal Fennel's Lonely Clubs Club Jacket 2
Crimbo stockings 5 (Disco Bandits only)
depleted Grimacite shinguards 0-5
Jodhpurs of Violence 4
psychic's pslacks 3
cane-mail pants 3
Vicar's Tutu 3
gym shorts 2
ninjammies 2
Ratskin pajama pants 2
Mainhand Offhand Accessory Familiar equipment
plexiglass pikestaff* 9
Bal-musette accordion* (with Accordion Appreciation) 8 (Accordion Thieves only)
mer-kin dodgeball* 7
mer-kin dragnet* 7
mer-kin switchblade* 7
crazy bastard sword 6
ice nine^ 5
sea-worn candlestick* 4
astral mace 4
astral pistol 4
Bal-musette accordion* 4 (Accordion Thieves only)
Staff of Kitchen Royalty* 4
wicker sticker 4
scepter of the Skeleton Lord* 3
deadfall branch 1
Ox-head shield^ 8
crazy bastard sword 6
card sleeve (Foil Lanceman) 6
Latte lovers member's mug (hellion) 6
grisly shield 5
ice nine^ 5
optimal spreadsheet 5
astral mace 4
astral pistol 4
bowl of petunias 4
sturdy cane 4
wicker sticker 4
silver cow creamer 3
deadfall branch 1
offensive moustache* 7
Gold skull ring* 7
gingerservo* 6
Spacegate military insignia* 6
Treads of Loathing* 6
Crimbolex watch* 5 (does not stack with other watches)
over-the-shoulder Folder Holder with folder (sportsballs)* 5
numberwang* 5
Uncle Hobo's fingerless tinsel gloves* 5
depleted Grimacite astrolabe* 0-5
ankleweights* 4
ticksilver ring* 4
Zombo's skull ring* 4
Belt of Howling Anger* 3
Bram's choker* 3
Sasq™ watch* 3
filigreed hamethyst necklace* 2
hamethyst necklace* 2
Official Council Aide Pin 2
tiny die-cast killing bird 2
novelty tattoo sleeves* 1
stolen necklace 1
tiny plastic golden gundam* 1
Disembodied Hand with crazy bastard sword equipped 6
Disembodied Hand with ice nine^ equipped 5
Trick-or-Treating Tot with li'l unicorn costume equipped 5
solid shifting time weirdness 4
Disembodied Hand with astral mace equipped 4
Disembodied Hand with astral pistol equipped 4
Disembodied Hand with wicker sticker equipped 4
Outfit Passive skills, non-buff skills and others
Workoutfit 2
A Shelf Full of Sports Memorabilia 5
Chip on your Shoulder 5
tin roof (rusted) 5
antler chandelier installed in Chateau Mantegna 3
An Infuriating Painting 3
A Wrestling Mat 1


  • Adventurers receive 10 fights every day in addition to the bonuses listed here. Unused fights carry over to the next day. You are limited to 100 fights after rollover is completed, and any excess fights are lost.
  • Clan furniture cannot all be installed simultaneously, so clans need to decide between maximizing pvp fights and providing other benefits to their members. Unlike Clan furniture that grants rollover adventures, players in Ronin and Hardcore do receive additional rollover fights from their clan furniture.
  • The depleted Grimacite equipments grants 0-5 fights depending on Grimace darkness.
  • The sea-worn candlestick is 1-handed but only one is obtainable per player across all ascensions.
  • Individual equipment enchantments mean that having the Workoutfit equipped will actually give you a bonus of +10 PvP fights at rollover.
  • Other methods for gaining additional fights include:

Dressing Up

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