Massive Cracked Skull

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Massive Cracked Skull

Massive Cracked Skull

Massive cracked skull, and I don't care!

Alas, the big monster who used to wear this as part of a grisly suit of armor. I crushed him, Horatio.

(In-game plural: Massive Cracked Skulls)

Obtained From

The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground


  • The first line of the description refers to the line "Jimmy crack corn" from the song "Blue Tail Fly." This line is followed by the phrase "and I don't care;" the line "Massive cracked skull" fits the same rhythmic pattern.
  • Horatio is Hamlet's confidant, and he is present at the most famous scene in Hamlet, where Hamlet raises the skull of his jester, Yorick, and laments.