Manual of Dexterity

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Manual of Dexterity
Manual of Dexterity

This book purports to teach you things like juggling, pen-spinning, and rolling coins across your knuckles. You know, the sort of stuff that has absolutely no practical value, but might get you a free drink in a bar now and then if you practice enough.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Manuals of Dexterity)
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Item number: 2282
Description ID: 659803917
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Obtained From

The Wizard of Ego (As a Disco Bandit or Accordion Thief)

When Used

  • When used for the first time in a day for the first five days:
You read the Manual of Dexterity, and your fingers twitch with new-found knowledge.
You gain X Chutzpah.
  • After 5 successful uses:
You've already learned everything there is to learn from that book.
  • Subsequent uses in a day:
Meh. You've already read that today -- your attention span is waning.


  • Reading this, the Manual of Labor, or the Manual of Transmission at least once per day 30 times in a single ascension will make you eligible for The Butler Did It trophy.
  • This item will only give stats a total of five times and only once in one day for a total moxie substat gain of 220:
Use # 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th+
Substats Gained* 20 40 100 40 20 None
  • If you use this, ascend, then get/use it again in the same day, you still get the "Meh. You've already read that today" message.


  • Each of the manuals reference different phrases that use the word "manual". (i.e. manual transmission, manual labor, and manual dexterity)
  • The Manual of Dexterity was a Dungeons and Dragons magic item that when properly read, would raise the reader's Dexterity score.