Managerial Manipulation

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Managerial Manipulation

Managerial Manipulation

Type: Buff
MP Cost: 5

You've learned strategies for prompting your underlings to spring into action by giving them nothing but meaningless awards and hollow encouragement. You've got upper management written all over you. In the blood of your peers.

Source: CRIMBCO Employee Handbook (chapter 5)
Price: 1,000 CRIMBCO scrip
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Employee of the Month (20 Adventures)
When Used:
You declare <Player> to be the Employee of the Month.


  • Trying to use this buff on yourself results in the following message:
    You aren't that narcissistic.
  • Trying to use this buff more than once per day results in the following message:
    You can only declare one Employee of the Month per day. Because... that makes sense.


  • Before an update made at some point between 16th of December, 2010 and 13th of January, 2015, trying to cast on oneself would result in this message:
    You can't declare yourself the Employee of the Month. That'd be, like, hypernepotism.
Handbook Skill Category Effect
Book4.gif Chapter 1 Fashionably Late Passive +1 adventure at rollover
Book4.gif Chapter 2 Executive Narcolepsy Passive +1 free campground rest per day
Book4.gif Chapter 3 Lunch Break Noncombat skill Summon 1 sack lunch per day
Book4.gif Chapter 4 Offensive Joke Combat skill Deals sleaze damage and delevels
Book4.gif Chapter 5 Managerial Manipulation Buff (others only) Grant another player Employee of the Month once per day.