Man Down at the Hoedown

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Man Down at the Hoedown

After a hard day of ropin' and wranglin' at the Distant Lands Dude Ranch, you head down to the local saloon, where a hoedown is taking place.

After a few minutes of mind-numbingly repetitive dancing, you decide to take a break and order a drink. On your way to the bar, you stub your toe on a overturned spittoon, resulting in one of the most painful and nauseating events of your life. You writhe on the floor, and cry out for medical attention.

The doctor comes in, stinking of gin, and tells you that he thinks you've met your match. You tell him it's just a scratch, and you get better, as soon as you are able (as you were 'ere you saw Elba.)

AdventuresYou lose 3 Adventures.
Meat.gifYou spent 500 Meat.
You gain X Fortitude.
Shorescrip.gifYou acquire an item: Shore Inc. Ship Trip Scrip

Occurs at Distant Lands Dude Ranch Adventure.


  • Stats gained from this adventure will range from (0.35 * mainstat) to (0.55 * mainstat), with an average multiplier of 0.45.


  • The paragraph about the doctor is taken from the lyrics to the song "Rocky Raccoon", by The Beatles.
  • The words "as you were 'ere you saw Elba" are referencing a famous palindrome, "Able was I 'ere I saw Elba," supposedly spoken by Napoleon Bonaparte upon his exile to the island of Elba.