Makeshift garbage shirt

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makeshift garbage shirt
makeshift garbage shirt

This looks like someone grabbed all the colorfully decorated boxes, warranty registration cards, and discarded manuals from the holiday garbage and created a makeshift shirt. Looks are not deceiving in this case.

Type: shirt
Power: 50
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

+3 Stat(s) Per Fight
+3 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.
+10 Stench Damage
Doubles stat gains from monsters while it's readable

(In-game plural: makeshift garbage shirts)
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Item number: 9699
Description ID: 183649893
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Obtained From

January's Garbage Tote (Rummaging through the Garbage)


  • Starts with 37 scraps of useful information on it. This number decreases by one after every combat (including free combats).
  • After combat, if there are still N useful scraps of information on the shirt, the following message appears after combat:
You read a useful bit of information off your shirt and improve your rate of knowledge gain. Looks like there are N more useful scraps.
  • When the last scrap of information is removed (that is, after the 37th combat), the shirt is destroyed with the following message:
You rip the last bit of usefully informative garbage off your shirt, and it falls to scraps.
  • After the shirt is destroyed, you can still retrieve a new shirt from Rummaging through the Garbage, but it has 0 scraps left and doesn't double the stat gains (but also doesn't get destroyed after combat).
  • The stat doubling effect still triggers and uses up a scrap of information even if the fight would give no stats.

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