Make Love, Not Warbears

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Make Love, Not Warbears
Make Love, Not Warbears

You duck into a room in the Warbear Fortress to take a break from the fighting. What you see in there, you will never unsee; there are two warbears sharing a tender embrace, while a camera mounted on a quad-copter films them. Apparently the war is also some kind of reality show for the warbear home dimension, and these two are star-crossed lovers.

Or, at least they're playing up their relationship for the camera, in hopes that the viewers will send them some help. You duck outside the room, and another quad-copter flies up with a crate of supplies for the couple inside.

Snag the Crate

You run the crate back to Uncle Crimbo. "Finally!" he says, holding up a mass of tubes and hoses. "This is exactly what I need for the War Machine. With the rest of this stuff, we can build some great stuff in K.R.A.M.P.U.S.! I think this doohickey is a food replicator, and hey, this one's for booze!"

Occurs at WarBear Fortress (First Level)



  • Playing up a relationship to get viewer assistance most likely refers to Katniss's ploy in The Hunger Games.