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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 20,245 Meat.

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Hotstuff: This week, even!
Hotstuff: And today is the official third birthday! The game and DLC are 42% off on Steam, Switch, and GOG.  :)
Hotstuff: We dropped a big West of Loathing patch on Steam today (and once we verify it's stable we'll roll it out on Switch and GOG and whatnot). Lots of obscure bugs fixed, and a bit of new content here and...
CDMoyer: Mushroom plot, getting a couple trophies, growth in some gardens, any number of time limited events, seeds for various things based on the number of days in your run will change, tuesday's ruby won't...

Today's Featured Article:

Chest full of sweet loot

Between learning new skills, buying new equipment, restoring HP and MP, keeping buffs running, and especially splurging on food and booze, being an adventurer is an expensive proposition! Fortunately, there are plenty of money-making opportunities available to citizens of the Kingdom of Loathing. The Cobb's Knob Treasury is always full of Meat, and the goblins are notoriously easy to fool. Those with a "meaty thumb" can harvest the orchids, bushes, and trees sometimes found in a Clan Rumpus Room. Of course, if you're not above that sort of thing, you can just beat up monsters and take their Meat.

For more suggestions regarding how to keep your books in the black, check out Basic Farming.

Today in KoL History:

2008: Lion oil, bird ribs, and wet stew are no longer quest items. Their drop rates have also been tweaked a little bit.

2005: The length of the Ronin period has been reduced again, this time to 600 Adventures.

2004: The Penguin Mafia appears to have introduced a new kind of booze into the Kingdom, and the pirates of the Obligatory Pirate's Cove seem to be involved in its trafficking.

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