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Meat.gifYou gain 20,245 Meat.

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Hotstuff: We dropped a big West of Loathing patch on Steam today (and once we verify it's stable we'll roll it out on Switch and GOG and whatnot). Lots of obscure bugs fixed, and a bit of new content here and...
CDMoyer: Mushroom plot, getting a couple trophies, growth in some gardens, any number of time limited events, seeds for various things based on the number of days in your run will change, tuesday's ruby won't...
CDMoyer: On which character? Kellidan seems like they only spend one or two turns in each zone (3 or 4 in one or two), so that would get wiped, because the progress was only 1... and there's really only one...
CDMoyer: Sorry about that folks. I think I fixed the rollover decrease thing. My apologies if you got your hopes to high. ;(

Today's Featured Article:


Player vs Player (PvP) has a special niche in KoL and a memorable history. PvP is completely voluntary, but if you're ready to club your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women, then go ahead and smash that hippy stone! You can steal phat loot, pretty flowers, and even your opponent's dignity. If you like it, you'll want to pick more and more fights. Even hardcore ascenders can benefit from the spoils of battle.

Before entering the world of PvP, it's good to buff your stats because you will be measuring them against those of your enemies. However, to succeed, you must master a bewildering array of minigames - players have been tasked to eat a balanced diet, belong to a slimy clan, kill rats, and spend time underwater and in the basement, among other things.

Attacking other players rewards you with swagger, which can be spent at The Swagger Shop in Huggler Memorial Colosseum, which is where it all goes down. If you win enough, your name will be placed on the leaderboards in the Hall of Champions!

Learn more at PvP

Today in KoL History:

2007: The "last adventure" stuff for the Wine Cellar and the Junkyard should be fixed again again. Again.

2004: Even as the Penguins are driven out of the Hole in the Sky, their operations increase in scope. A shady-looking antiques store has just been built on the Wrong Side of the Tracks...

UPDATE: In an event ostensibly completely unrelated to the economic turmoil, Clan Armies all across the Kingdom abruptly came to the realization that they haven't had anything to eat in months. Luckily, they found a couple of days' worth of oatmeal before anyone was forced to desert. Gert Slacarach, A La-Z Archer spokesman, said of the situation: "Wow. This oatmeal makes me feel approximately twice as powerful as I was yesterday..."

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