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Meat.gifYou gain 21,176 Meat.

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CDMoyer: I think jick fixed a bug.
CDMoyer: I vote for The Amazing Mr Toothpaste's idea.
CDMoyer: In all honesty, the motivation for changing the way items are selected for the duffel or whatever was not to nerf it or punish people that were doing it. It was because a large number of people were...

Today's Featured Article:

Rodoric, the Staffcrafter

Chefstaves are powerful weapons for spell casters, increasing spell damage by as much as 250%, regenerating MP, and doing nifty stuff when you jiggle them! These mystical tools aren't just for anyone - only a well equipped Sauceror, a highly skilled Pastamancer, or an Avatar of Jarlsberg (the Mage of Mages, the Sage of Sages, the Gratuitously Mystical) can channel their powers.

Rodoric, the Staffcrafter can craft many chefstaves for Saucerors and Pastamancers, but he doesn't work for free, though - you'll need to provide him with the crafting materials, a snack, and a drink. If you don't want to deal with Rodoric, there's a few other places to get staves. And Jarlsberg didn't trust any staff he didn't craft himself.

Today in KoL History:

2009: We've rolled out the first .001% of the new Nemesis Quest stuff -- the revamped Dark and Dank and Sinister Cave. Your Nemesis awaits! Again.

2009: You should now always get a notification if using a skill causes you to lose a negative effect. Also fixed a minor napping bug.

2004: Okay, so I've done the same thing with food that I did with booze. Some food items got worse, with respect to stat gains, but most of them got considerably better.

Also, you may have noticed the pre-rollover downtime. I'm trying to reduce the amount of time the rollover and the backup (the thing that causes the hour or so of downtime in the middle of every night) take, and the best way to do that is to kick everybody off while it's running.

After the weekend, there'll probably start to be a period of about 15 minutes every night where you can't log on. I realize this is somewhat annoying, but it's a lot less annoying than what happens to all of the Europeans when they try to play between 4 and 5 CDT now.

2003: Familiars are back as of the last backup (6 days ago...) Sorry about any losses.

Compact mode is now available for those with screen issues, and for those who want to help conserve bandwidth. Toggle it from the Account menu.

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