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Meat.gifYou gain 22,557 Meat.

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Today's Featured Article:


Terrible news! The Kingdom is overrun by huge, smelly, brutish creatures - humans! It was not always this way. In the Times of Old, the delicate and fragrant Pork Elves ruled, spending their days creating finely crafted armor adorned with precious jewels, and everything was wonderful, right up until they all melted into black slime.

Well, okay, not all of them melted. The daughter of the chief of the Proscuitto Tribe was saved from an evil cult by the human Krakrox the Barbarian. And a few remained in the Kingdom as simple farmers. Some say the rest left for a faraway place, and that if you look to the Moons, you can see them crafting to this day, but beware - their story is a sad one, and the Pork Elves of old may not like what their descendents have become...

Today in KoL History:

2006: There has been a minor change to the way the skills page works -- now, instead of removing a skill from your list if you can't cast it, the skill is grayed out. Skills which can only be used a certain number of times per day (Pastamastery, Smile of Mr. A, etc) also gray out if you can no longer cast them. There is an option on the skills page to revert back to the old behavior.

Additionally, Transcendental Noodlecraft and The Way of Sauce now allow you to summon 5 noodles or reagents per day, if you have the Pastamastery or Advanced Saucecrafting skills. (This is the way it was originally intended to be, but we forgot to change the limits.)

Additionally additionally, the Cerebral items from the astral mushroom zones now form an outfit, the Encephalic Ensemble.

2005: You can now change the colors of some stuff in chat (channel names, your own name, your contacts' names). Check your account menu for details.

2004: Okay, so maybe the e-mail problems AREN'T entirely fixed. I'm still looking into this stuff, and I'm sorry about the continued activation delays.

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