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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 22,479 Meat.

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Today's Featured Article:

Get on board!

As pleasant as life in the Kingdom of Loathing is, it's nice to get away sometimes!

The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency

Even on an adventurer's salary, The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency can help you plan a great getaway, if you can spare the time. They have destinations for

types alike, and you even get some scrip to spend while you're relaxing! Wow! Also, the chance of being repeatedly knocked unconscious on your trip is very small.

Elemental International Airport

Now, if traveling by boat with funny looking foreigners isn't your thing, you'll need to get on board at Elemental International Airport! Air travel isn't for the unwashed masses - you can charter a plane to one of five elemental destinations, allowing you unlimited trips, or you can purchase a one-day-pass at the mall for a brief visit.

Once there, you can deal with the weirdo locals, but strangely, they don't accept Meat as currency - they only take their own funny money.


Travel not your thing? Some people have enjoyed having a pen pal in the Distant Lands, for a taste of the exotic without the inconvenience of travel.

So enjoy your trip, but come home soon! The Kingdom misses you!

Today in KoL History:

2010: Having quick actions set to auto-attack should no longer cause weird issues with the first round of combat being repeated.

2010: Fixed a bug that was allowing Slime Tube runs that were too fast to properly satisfy Mother Slime.

2008: Disco Nap now lets you rest at your campsite once per day without using an Adventure. Disco Power Nap lets you do it twice more. Now if you'll excuse me, all of this skill-updating has made me sleepy.

2008: Divine champagne flutes are now usable items, which allows you to select which booze you drink with the flute. Also, divine champagne flutes are now in the Consumables / Miscellaneous section of your inventory.

2004: Okay, so now we've got more RAM in the server. I'm hoping this will stem some of the nightly lag and crashery.

I'm still working on the DNS problems, but I think they're almost solved.

Also, PayPal donations are now processed automatically, so you can get a Mr. Accessory even when I'm asleep.

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