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Meat.gifYou gain 21,733 Meat.

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CDMoyer: So, due to... decisions made a decade or more ago, we are not able to just throw servers willy-nilly at the problem. I mean, we kinda can, but it's doesn't help instantly or simply.
CDMoyer: I don't think there's anything to be timed. There's nothing that impacts your current fight that isn't a buff that lasts the whole cycle, is there?
CDMoyer: Yeah, that was a note from HotStuff that I mean to address. These have all been cut back... significantly. Like, by 40%-ish?
CDMoyer: Do you get a message at the top of the screen in the results box when you click reconfigure?
CDMoyer: Oops!  ;) Pretend that never happened.

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The five main elements in the Kingdom of Loathing are hot, cold, stench, spooky, and sleaze. Various creatures are aligned to different elements; if you prepare correctly, you can exploit their weaknesses and build up resistance to their attacks using various items and spells.

Some equipment adds bonus elemental damage to normal attacks. Sauceror spells deal either hot or cold damage, while Pastamancer spells can deal all five types in addition to purely physical damage. There are a few items and a skill which will auto-magically attack enemies with an element against which they are weak (where applicable). There are five special gravy fairy familiars, each aligned to one of the five elements.

There are other, more mysterious Non-Standard Elements which do not fit with the others. Only the monsters in The Valley of Rof L'm Fao deal bad spelling damage, only your Shadow deals unresistable shadow damage, and only monsters in the Future deal cute damage... and even then, no one does, but protect yourself just in case.

Learn more at Elements.

Today in KoL History:

2009: The reward for the Typical Tavern quest has been reworked. Revamped. Rejiggered.

2009: Underscores can now be used in candy hearts and personalized coffee mugs.

2005: There has been a slight change to the way the Turtle Tamer's Headbutt and Spectral Snapper skills work. Headbutt now follows up a successful attack with an addition attack that effectively just uses your helmet as a weapon. Spectral Snapper's damage has been made such that it increases proportionally to your Mysticality.

Combat change: All ranged weapons (accordions, crossbows, and a few others) now use Moxie instead of Muscle when determining whether you hit or not. Crossbow Fever, having been made irrelevant, was changed -- it now just increases your chance of hitting with a crossbow.
Also: The way HP is calculated has changed in a significant way. No matter what class you are, your HP is now based on your (buffed) Muscle in the same way that your MP is based on Mysticality.
Also also: There's a new Pastamancer skill (at level 5) that gives a passive 25% bonus to maximum HP.
Also, additionally: The damage done by Sauceror combat spells now increases with Mysticality to a higher level than it did before.
And then: Your Max HP will never go below what it would be at your base Muscle level, so negative effects (like Beaten Up) won't affect it as much. The same change has been applied to MP.

2005: The pixel potions have been made somewhat more effective.

2004: Okay, due to popular demand, I've added the "Last Adventure" link to the character pane. It allows you to repeat your last adventure, no matter where you are -- skills, inventory, wherever. Notably missing are the Shore and the Barrel, but I'll make these work with it as soon as I can.

Oh, in Compact Mode, you click on "Adv" to use this feature.

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