Magilaser blastercannon

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magilaser blastercannon
magilaser blastercannon

It might fire a simple beam of light, magnified and focused into a deadly cutting ray. On the other hand, it might fire a beam of mystical aetheric energy, magnified and focused into a deadly cutting ray.

Either way, pew pew pew!

Type: ranged weapon (2-handed laser cannon)
Damage: 16 - 31
Moxie Required: 62
Selling Price: 170 Meat.

Ranged Damage +15
+5 Hot Damage

(In-game plural: magilaser blastercannons)
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Item number: 3867
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Obtained From

The Penultimate Fantasy Airship
MagiMechTech MechaMech


You fire a "beam" from your "laser," doing X "damage." BARF! SPLAT! SPLAT!
You fire a blast from your laser cannon, hitting for X damage. Man, you're way more precise than those imperial stormtroopers. WHAM! BARF! POW!
You fire a burst of energy from your magilaser blastercannon. And not the good burst of energy, like the kind you get from a cup of coffee -- the kind that does X damage. ZAP! KAPOW! SOCKO!


  • The hit message 'You fire a "beam" from your "laser," doing X "damage" is a reference to Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies. He consistently uses air quotes when mentioning lasers and laser beams.
  • The hit message about the imperial stormtroopers is a play on any of the original Star Wars movies, especially the quote "Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise." In practice, Stormtroopers are so inaccurate that the inability for enemy mooks to hit main characters is called The Stormtrooper Effect.

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