Magical pony: Rosey Cake

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magical pony: Rosey Cake
magical pony: Rosey Cake

Aww, it's a cute Your Diminutive Pony doll! This one is Rosey Cake, the "wacky", "zany", and "ka-raaaazy" one -- in other words, the insufferable one.

Remember, kids: Solidarity is a Tool of the Occult!™

Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Gift Item

(In-game plural: magical ponies named Rosey Cake)
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Item number: 9535
Description ID: 111352978
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Obtained From

Rubbed it the Right Way
Wishing "for a pony"


  • While this is in your Display Case, the message, Magical Pony Power: PlayerName is Funny, is added to your player profile, with increasingly intense modifiers added with more collected.
    • This does not stack with other Magical Pony Powers. Only the most-collected magical pony, or, in the case of a tie, the magical pony added to the Display Case last, will be visible.



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