Magic Missile

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Magic Missile

Magic Missile

Type: Combat
MP Cost: N/A

Source: Equipping a jewel-eyed wizard hat
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Deals 2-25 damage (depending on level)
When Used:
You cast Magic Missile. X missiles of magical energy dart forth from your fingertip and strike your target, dealing Y points of force damage.


  • MP cost is actually 2-6.
  • While fighting the darkness, if you cast Magic Missile, the following occurs (once per day):
    You attack the darkness. An elf with blue... no, gray eyes falls out of the darkness, clutching a can of Mountain Stream. You wish briefly for some cheesy puffed corn snacks.
    Soda.gifYou acquire an item: Mountain Stream soda
  • Since the only way this skill can be granted is by equipping a jewel-eyed wizard hat, the MP cost of this skill is technically 2-6 MP, even though it will never cost more than 5 MP because the hat reduces the MP cost of all skills by 1.
  • Damage and MP cost vary by the player's level, similar to the D&D spell. The spell shoots one missile at levels 1-2, two at levels 3-4, three at levels 5-6, four at levels 7-8, and five missiles at level 9 and above. The spell costs 1 MP per missile, and causes 1d4+1 (2 to 5) damage per missile. The maximum damage this can do is therefore 5d4+5, or 10 to 25 damage.
  • This spell deals force damage which is treated as physical damage for the purposes of calculating resistances and weaknesses of monsters.


  • Magic Missile is a common Dungeons & Dragons spell that works approximately the same as this skill.
  • The combat text while fighting the darkness is a reference to Dead Alewives' Dungeons and Dragons sketch, which involves a character whose eye-color is in dispute, and someone demanding to know where the Mountain Dew and Cheetos (a cheesy puffed corn snack) are.
  • Interestingly, while the game did not contain any cheesy puffed corn snacks when this message was added, there now is a "Bag of Cheat-Os" item, which drops at the new Icy Peak.