Mad Jack's Corn Squeezery

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Mad Jack's Corn Squeezery
Mad Jack's Corn Squeezery

You enter a tumbledown shack, the main feature of which is a large device made mostly of burbling copper tubes which takes up most of the floor space. A secondary feature is a man dressed in patched hides, with his bushy white hair and beard sticking out crazily.

"Howdy there, [feller/little lady]!" he says, enthusiastically. "They call me Mad Jack, and this here's Mad Jack's Corn Squeezery! Care ta try a glass of our highest octane? Hee hee!"

"You make booze out of corn?" You sniff the air, and your eyes start to water.

"Ayep! Well, mostly corn! Hee hee! Potent stuff -- kicks like a mule, lemme tell ya! Hee hee!"

You rifle through your pockets and determine that you currently have X hobo nickels.

Buy some 'corn squeezins' for 20 hobo nickels

Mad Jack pours you a small cup of something that goes straight to your head and beats the hell out of your brains. Still, whatever doesn't kill your brains can only make them stronger, right?

AdventuresYou gain 40-60 Adventures.
You gain 500-1000 Mysteriousness.
You gain (5 Drunkenness.)


You decide you probably shouldn't drink something with an octane rating, and ask Mad Jack for directions out of the marketplace instead.

Occurs as a choice in the sub-adventure Booze, Glorious Booze in Hobopolis Town Square.



  • The description of Mad Jack's drink being made from "mostly corn" may be a reference to scumble, a potent alcohol drink from the Discworld books that's frequently described as being "made from apples... well, mostly apples."