MAHI fez

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MAHI fez
MAHI fez

This is a fez embroidered with the cryptic word "MAHI." You'd think that if you put two of them together, you'd have a tasty fish, but you'd be wrong -- there's only one of them, and Boozerbear has it, so you won't ever put two of them together.

Type: hat
Power: 200
Moxie Required: 85
Cannot be traded or discarded

Moxie +30

(In-game plural: MAHI feces)
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Item number: 845
Description ID: 31337
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Obtained From

Custom Item
Given to BoozerBear at a time when he led a clan by the name of MAHI.


  • The description references a common fish dish called mahi-mahi, more commonly known as the dolphin fish.
  • The item description number spells out eleet.

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